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Company of the month

Wikov Industry a.s.

Meeting changing needs

Wikov Industry a.s. has an impressive portfolio of gearboxes and drivetrains for a wide variety of industries. Anticipating a consolidating market where the big players will become even bigger, the Czech company is strengthening its position by further extending its range of products. By increasing the number of standard components that can be easily combined and customized, Wikov will be shortening delivery times and making its prices even more competitive.


The interview itself was a pleasurable experience and the outcome was a great story in which our corporate identity was clearly exposed.

Carla van der Veen
Manager Sales and Marketing at Ilmo B.V.

Materials & Materials Processing

Ghelfi Ondulati S.p.A.

Perfect packaging for produce

Delicate products require special packaging if they are to make it from manufacturer to buyer in one piece. This is especially true with fresh produce, which should reach supermarkets without bruises or rot. Finding the perfect packaging can be a challenge for producers, but with Ghelfi Ondulati SpA, it is not. The Italian company specializes in corrugated cardboard packaging for industrial companies and has expertise in the fruit and vegetable sector. It is one of the most important players in its field with 62 million square meters of packaging sold each year.

Textile Industry & Fashion

Weinheimer Leder GmbH

Only the finest leather

The processing of raw animal skin into leather is a complex process which requires know-how and top-quality raw material. Today, most tanning companies are in the hands of big luxury concerns, such as Hèrmes or Prada. Only a handful of smaller players are able to compete against the giants of the industry in the long run. One of them is Weinberger Leder GmbH, based in Weinheim, Germany. Thanks to the profound know-how of the owners, Uwe Holubeck and Gerd Knapp, and their team, the company ranks among the top names in box calf leather.

Tourism & Leisure

Condor S.R.L.

Keeping a well-travelled legacy alive

With the invention of the internet and its spread from sparse usage to daily usage by billions of people around the world, many consumers started making their own travel plans through a wide variety of third party websites. This move hurt a lot of long established travel agencies, but the innovative and quality ones continue to thrive. Travel agencies offer their clientele more security, more perks and more flexibility when it comes to their travel arrangements. Condor S.R.L., headquartered in Rimini, Italy, gives its customers the most value for their money and helps them make lasting memories.