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Company of the month

Wikov Industry a.s.

Meeting changing needs

Wikov Industry a.s. has an impressive portfolio of gearboxes and drivetrains for a wide variety of industries. Anticipating a consolidating market where the big players will become even bigger, the Czech company is strengthening its position by further extending its range of products. By increasing the number of standard components that can be easily combined and customized, Wikov will be shortening delivery times and making its prices even more competitive.


The interview itself was a pleasurable experience and the outcome was a great story in which our corporate identity was clearly exposed.

Carla van der Veen
Manager Sales and Marketing at Ilmo B.V.


2MI s.a.s.

Quality-enhancing products

In France and other European countries, there are countless toolmaking businesses. But probably few like the 2MI Group. Thanks to its expertise in metrology and precision manufacturing, the medium-sized enterprise offers tooling and prototypes for function testing, geometry checking and accurate assembling of cars and aircraft parts, thus ensuring top level quality.

Trade & Consumer Goods

Beate Uhse AG

The heritage of Beate Uhse

One year ago, Nicola Schumann, aged 35, joined the Hamburg based Beate Uhse concern as Country Manager Germany to bring the company back on track. Over the last few years, the traditional adult and erotic concern which is one of the big names in the industry, kept losing market shares to the increasing number of e-commerce competitors. Nicola Schumann, who used to work for Google, too, is a true expert in online marketing and e-commerce. We talked to her about her motivation to join the company, the strengths of the brand and her future plans for Beate Uhse.

Industrial Supplies

Central European Engine Services Sp. z o.o.

Task force for aircraft engines

The biggest companies do not always offer the largest advantages. This is particularly true of the aircraft industry where profit is only made when planes are in the air. When it comes to maintenance, competence is, of course, critical but response times and flexibility are also extremely important and smaller specialist companies are often able to respond quicker than the huge concerns. With twenty one staff Central European Engine Services Sp. z o.o. (CEES) is one such example, and prides itself on its ability to offer customers top quality aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services in Poland, Europe and around the world.