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ERS Railways B.V.

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ERS Railways B.V.

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ERS Railways B.V.

ERS Railways B.V.

ERS Railways is a fully independent railway company, 100% owned by Freightliner Group Ltd., with five offices in four countries across Europe. With our modern fleet of locomotives and over 400 leased container platforms, low-bed as well as double pocket wagons, we are one of the leading players in the growing European inter modal transport market. We have so far been granted railway licenses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

We plan to expand into more European countries and obtain our own license in these countries in order to secure growth and promote ERS Railways’ expansion strategy. We are continuously increasing our presence in markets being of strategic interest to our customers.

Curious? We would be happy to explore Europe with you from a railway perspective.

Serving an increasing number of customers

Over 450 customers – including a broad range of forwarders, carriers and logistic service providers – already rely on our products and services. Our teams will provide you with services that match your requirements. Your offer can be based on current corridors and products or it can be fully tailored to meet your needs in terms of geographical coverage, volumes or contract duration, enabling you to gain a competitive edge in your railway based supply chains.

People make the real difference

At ERS Railways, we value our people as individuals and we appreciate their differences. We understand that creating the right environment is key to attracting, developing and retaining excellent employees. Being a member of ERS Railways means being part of a dynamic and forward driven company with ambitious goals. When serving our customers, we rely on strong and highly productive teams. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of our people we have gained an excellent reputation within the European railway industry.

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