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There is nothing more luxurious underfoot than wall-to-wall carpet. Soft, quiet and attractive to look at, textile floor coverings offer a range of functional advantages including noise reduction, enhanced comfort and thermal insulation. They can also be manufactured in an endless variety of colours and patterns. French carpet manufacturer Balsan Moquette in Arthon designs and produces textile floor coverings that are positioned at the haute couture end of the market. With a history that can be traced back to 1751, the company is one of the most experienced industrial carpet manufacturers in the business with a worldwide customer base.

Christophe Pouille, Deputy General Manager of Balsan Moquette

Around 50% of Balsan’s annual 65 million EUR turnover is generated in export markets. The French company has a sales presence in over 70 different countries and is known for the high quality of its products. “We are the specialists for floor coverings,” insists Deputy General Manager Christophe Pouille. “We sell by the meter as well as pre-cut tiles in various sizes. Where we stand out from the competition is in the range and vibrancy of our colours and patterns, and our ability to produce to customer order.”

Balsan’s expertise in dyeing means that it can either colour the yarn before tufting the carpet or dye the finished carpet. “We work exclusively with polyamide yarn which is extremely robust and hard-wearing,” explains Mr. Pouille. “We source the yarn from a supplier company that uses recycled nylon mainly from fishing nets to produce its yarns. That means that our products are environmentally sustainable and have a very low carbon footprint.”

Balsan has a standard catalogue with over 2,000 different products. Its carpeting is aimed at both the private and commercial sectors. “We can supply floor coverings suitable for domestic bedrooms and living rooms and for high traffic areas in public spaces in hotels, cinemas and casinos,” outlines Mr. Pouille. “Whatever the need, we have the suitable product.”

Balsan’s designers are also known for their creative boldness. Its new French Couture collection is certainly illustrative of this, but the design team takes its inspiration from various environments, not just the catwalk. The new César carpet in the French Couture collection combines various motifs to give an overall impression reminiscent of an oriental carpet.

Its solution-dyed polyamide fibres are, however, much more robust and resistant to even the harshest cleaning products and discolouration. “César was designed for the hotel sector and lends any room a distinctively exotic feel,” says Mr. Pouille. “Thanks to its pile weight of 1,050 g per square meter, it is also extremely comfortable to walk on.”

The French Couture collection takes its inspiration variously from traditional Japanese floral art, lace and fine art to create both abstract and recognizable patterns. Balsan’s designers also play with texture in their designs by tufting a combination of closed and cut loops to create patterns in monochrome.

The new pattern ‘César’ in the French Couture collection was designed specifically for the hotel sector

“Our slogan ‘Colour your dreams’ reflects our mission to bring our customers’ interior spaces to life with inspirational carpets,” says Mr. Pouille. “Our collections feature attractive and complementary patterns in a wide range of contemporary colours to offer the ideal solutions for every need. In addition, the carpet can be equipped with properties such as greater noise insulation, fire retardance or anti-bacterial coatings as required.”

The new French Couture collection has been designed in response to a change in the interior design market. “Designers used to choose a neutral carpet and add accents with bolder curtains,” explains Mr. Pouille. “Today, the opposite is true. We also have to work against the belief that hard flooring is better at combating allergies caused by dust mites. Carpets hold onto the dust when they are walked on unlike hard floors while regular vacuum cleaning removes the dust very effectively for an allergen-free environment.”

For these reasons, Balsan’s B2B sales are growing strongly while there is still potential to be exploited in the B2C sector. “B2B clients account for 70% of our sales,” says Mr. Pouille. “Thanks to our long history in the industry, we are well known and can point to many prestigious references. The next time you board a cruise ship or watch a movie in the cinema you may well be walking on one of our carpets.”

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