Films can be downloaded onto a notebook, iPad or mobile phone, and watched at the customer’s convenience

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Films on demand, anywhere, anytime – this is both the present and the future in the world of video entertainment. CHILI, headquartered in Milan, is a young, dynamic enterprise, which offers customers the opportunity to buy or lease films to watch at their own convenience. Currently present in five European countries, the company has ambitious expansion plans.

Giorgio Tacchia, CEO of CHILI

“We have customers in Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland and the UK. However, we have growth plans encompassing at least the whole of the English-speaking world,” points out CEO Giorgio Tacchia, who established CHILI in 2012, following several years’ experience with an online film supplier.

His knowledge gave him a head start, and ensured that CHILI very quickly went from strength to strength, acquiring 40,000 new customers per month in Italy, and numbers among its shareholders: WB, Sony Pictures, Paramount and Viacom.

CHILI supplies films for download on demand. “There is no subscription; customers only pay for what they use,” stresses the CEO. “Customers simply register, buy a film and download it. They can then watch the film at their leisure, even in locations with no internet connection. We have over 25,000 titles, in several languages, many of which have only been shown at film festivals and can’t be seen at the cinema. We have many children’s films, which is great for parents who don’t want their kids surfing the internet for videos.”

Films are stored in a library function and can be downloaded onto a notebook, iPad or mobile phone. Customers can also hire films for up to 48 hours. For many of CHILI’s competitors, supplying films online is a secondary activity.

CHILI is headquartered in Milan, with a presence in five European countries; it has plans to expand its operations around the world

CHILI, in contrast, is 100% focused on this service, which Mr. Tacchia believes is the key to success. “I think that, in the end, only a few players with international coverage and focus on this market will survive,” he says. “On the other hand, Pay TV will secure the sports and shows market, while a visit to the cinema will become a special experience – comfortable seats, an aperitif before the film and maybe an event afterwards.”

CHILI has growth plans encompassing the whole of the English-speaking world . CHILI also has another surprise in store. “In the summer, we will present a completely new concept, that has never been seen before,” reveals the CEO. Watch this space.

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