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Reflecting You – a hotel that reflects your values

Interview with 11 Mirrors - Wladimir Klitschko and Maryna Leo

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European Business: Mr. Klitschko, in 2012 you opened your own Design Hotel “11 Mirrors” in Kiev. What inspired you to start this new chapter in your life?

Wladimir Klitschko: I have been travelling since I was 14, been to many countries and stayed in many hotels worldwide. This experience, gained over the course of decades, gave me a perspective on what is truly needed to make one feel at home. 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, therefore, not only offers a high-quality service, but more importantly – unique emotions. It’s a completely new experience. I am especially thankful to all the travellers who like what we created as much as we do and voted 11 Mirrors six times in a row the best hotel in the Ukraine on Tripadvisor.

European Business: Ms. Leo, you are responsible for the interior design of the hotel. What inspired your design choices and how much did Wladimir Klitschko influence your decisions?

Maryna Leo: Our design revolves heavily around the main concept of 11 Mirrors – reflections. We’ve implemented various elements to consistently support the main theme throughout the hotel. Most of the design choices are aimed at creating a perfect balance between stylish interior and functional infrastructure. Wladimir has a remarkable amount of traveling experience, thus, a lot of implementations were directly inspired by him, however, the general decision making process could be described as a collaboration of like-minded people.

European Business: Mr. Klitschko, as a frequent traveler you know what guests are looking for in a hotel. Which of these demands did you implement most successfully into the 11 Mirrors Hotel?

Wladimir Klitschko: Remarkable design, unique individual service, a strong sense of style – the three musts for a hotel, which were successfully implemented in 11 Mirrors. A hotel must create a comfortable atmosphere, where every single detail matters. This is very important, as I believe only those who feel comfortable and at ease can perform well and be successful, whether in sport, business or on a personal level.

European Business: Ms. Leo, as the General Manager of the hotel, what would you say is your hotel’s best feature?

Maryna Leo: I wouldn’t point out one thing, because at 11 Mirrors Design Hotel every aspect, whether it’s an individual approach, an exceptional design, or a breathtaking view, comes together to create a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience. So, the main feature is the perfect match, in which all the elements operate.

European Business: Mr. Klitschko, what idea stands behind the name “11 Mirrors”  and who came up with it?

Wladimir Klitschko: The idea behind the name was certainly a collaboration between the professionals who now form the management of 11 Mirrors. The hotel’s slogan is “Reflecting You”, therefore the brand represents the eleven reflections of an accomplished personality – human values, qualities and desires. The eleven reflections are: curiosity, optimism, passion, courage, creativity, independence, sense of humour, reliability, generosity, confidence and harmony.

Interview: Andreas Detert | Photos: 11 Mirrors Design Hotel

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