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Lowering your carbon footprint when barbecuing

Interview Carsten Nygaard Brøgger, Founder and CEO of CasusGrill

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European Business: How did you come up with the idea of developing a biodegradable barbecue?

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger: My family and I were on a camping trip in the French mountains and had the experience of trying out an aluminium disposable single-use grills which was not a very nice experience – badly cooked food, trash all over and our 8-year-old son burned himself on the aluminium tray. That was the birth of CASUSGRILL.

European Business: What makes your barbecue better than a traditional one?

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger: CASUSGRILL is only made using sustainable materials such as cardboard, natural bamboo, insulating lightweight lava stones and bamboo charcoal briquettes. All materials are biodegradable except the lava stones. The lava stones can be led back to the nature and even be used as a soil conditioner and 100% clean growing media for plants. The CASUSGRILL is easy to light by using Quick Oxylite, ready to cook in five minutes and retains its heat for more than 60 minutes. No fossil fuels are used and CASUSGRILL does not have any big flames and emits less smoke when firing up compared to an aluminium single-use grill. You can hold CASUSGRILL with your bare hands when its cooking without burning your hands. The lava stone insulation makes it possible and without any flames it also reduces the risk of burn damages, potential forest fire etc.

CASUSGRILL also uses fewer resources and use the resources more efficiently. CASUSGRILL only uses 265 g of specially designed bamboo charcoal compared to the aluminium single-use grill which use between 430 to 600 g of coals. This reduction between 35 to 55% has a big direct impact on the reduction of the CO2-emissions as well.

CASUSGRILL must be put into trash after use to be recycled, but if you forget it in nature, it will not take up to 200 years to decompose like aluminium. Burn CASUSGRILL in a bonfire and you will not leave any trace of garbage back in our beautiful nature.

European Business: Can you still smell and taste the typical barbecue flavours?

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger: Yes, you get the same flavours from the bamboo charcoals, only the natural taste of barbecuing but without any taste of lighter fluid. We do not use any fossil fuels in our product. With CasusGrill we don’t put our food on greasy rusty metal. We grill on 100% natural bamboo. Even the smell is clean, just with a little smoke and NO fire.

European Business: When you have a barbecue, you also need plates and cutlery. Could you imagine to producing further biodegradable equipment?

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger: We have already made a complete picnic set for four people in a practical cardboard box made from sustainable and biodegradable materials. Very convenient and easy to carry in your backpack with a CASUSGRILL! Then you are all set for a nice outdoor activity. You can recycle or put the cardboard picnic set in a bonfire or even in your compost.

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger
"CASUSGRILL only uses 265 g of special designed bamboo charcoals compared to the aluminium single-use grill which uses between 430 to 600 g of charcoals." Carsten Nygaard Brøgger

European Business: Barbecueing in public is discussed and some people want restrictions and bans. Do you think that this is okay or does it go against heritage as the descendents of cavemen?

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger:I believe that it has always been a part of our lifestyle to be outdoors and cook in our beautiful nature whether it is a trip to the park, beach, a fishing or hiking trip. We are and must always be responsible for our actions in the outdoors. We owe it to our planet to reduce our carbon footprint, but we still must enjoy life! CASUSGRILL makes less footprint on our planet compared to the traditional aluminum single-use grill.

CASUSGRILL has a thermal insulation which makes it safer to use and it doesn’t make any burned damage underneath the grill, as we have seen in the parks.

On a global scale, we mus work towards a reduction in the use of raw materials, to reduce waste ending up in our nature and our oceans. We must help to change people’s mindset to take better care of the Earth and the resources. We must establish new habits for future generations.

European Business: What was the most unusual place where you used the CasusGrill?

Carsten Nygaard Brøgger: I think it must be lunch in Saalbach, Austria on a ski slope 2,000 meters up a moutain -10°C and CASUSGRILL worked perfectly! Our way of thinking has always been “What is impossible today, will be possible tomorrow”. Perhaps the next place will be on the summit of Mount Everest, that will be one of my dreams. Our journey began ten years ago to make a difference and create a different way of thinking, where we speak to people's conscience.

Interview: Vera Gaidies | Photos: CASUSGRILL