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Raising capability in materials handling

Interview with Charlie Mitchelson, Managing Director at Cascade Europe

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European Business: Mr. Mitchelson, Cascade is the leading manufacturer of high quality accessory equipment for forklifts all over the world. In what countries are you based, and what is your company’s secret to staying at the top of the market?

Charlie Mitchelson: The Cascade Corporation has over 2,100 employees and 29 locations around the world, from Europe, the US and Canada to Australia and China. This global presence allows us to produce attachments and provide customer support for the local markets. Ultimately, our success is only as good as the success of our customers. If a customer has a specific materials handling need, we will find a way to meet it. With decades of expertise and technical knowledge, our global engineering team provides 24 hours a day design support. This allows Cascade to quickly deliver specialized customer requests anywhere in the world.

European Business: How has the market for forklifts changed over time and what do you do to keep up with the rising demands of your customers?

Charlie Mitchelson: As the materials handling market evolves, so does Cascade. Currently, Cascade is seeing several changes in the materials handling industry – an increasing demand for energy efficient products and a greater integration with digital technology. Cascade understands the importance of energy efficiency and our global R&D team is focused on developing new technologies to optimize our attachments to reduce energy use. The hydraulic systems on our attachments, as with our latest series of Paper Roll Clamps and Carton Clamps, use less energy during operation, which allows for less fuel consumption on IC (internal combustion) powered forklifts and longer battery life on electric powered forklifts. This directly minimizes the impact on the environment and improves customer productivity. As digital technologies are revolutionizing the materials handling industry, Cascade is also committed to modernizing our product offerings and remaining at the forefront of innovation. We continue to develop digital solutions that interconnect the forklift, driver and attachment, to collect and transfer essential operational data. For example, our mobile weighing solutions, like our Weigh Forks that weigh loads as you go, gathers data through wireless Bluetooth technology and transmits it to digital platforms. In addition, the growing availability of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is introducing new opportunities in the Warehousing and Logistics industries. Cascade’s full range of attachments, like our Multiple Load Handlers or Paper Roll Clamps, can be designed and equipped with an electronic interface and sensors for use with AGVs. As with any Cascade custom offerings, AGV attachments can be adapted from current offerings to meet the needs of a customer’s workflow.

European Business: Your company’s premise is ‘If we are not moving ahead, we are falling behind’. This is a very high premise to keep up with. How do you implement this premise in your daily business?

Charlie Mitchelson: ‘If we are not moving ahead, we are falling behind’ is a principle that is instilled in our employees daily. Cascade’s self-directed management style encourages employees from the shop floor to the office to make decisions to improve processes. This autonomy empowers our employees to contribute to our shared success.

European Business: One of your main missions is the worldwide improvement of your global service and market shares. What are your plans to reach this goal?

Charlie Mitchelson: Cascade is committed to continuous improvement and developing the latest technology to ensure the highest quality products and complete customer satisfaction. Innovation is at the core of Cascade’s values, and we are always pushing to provide materials handling solutions that offer the following: low total cost of ownership, reliability and durability, damage reduction, and energy efficiency.

Our customers continue to remain our focus for growth, and as our customer’s needs evolve, we will adapt to their requirements. For example, over the past few years Cascade has introduced a new Performance Plus program to bring greater added value to our customers; our industry-leading Warranty program guarantees a full two years of worry-free service. Cascade also offers global remanufacturing services that help extend the life of the product and can also supply short or long-term rentals for seasonal needs. These value-added programs and options allow our customers flexibility and the ability to save on capital costs without sacrificing quality and performance.

Cascade also understands that damage can be the biggest variable in moving products through the supply chain. From creation to final destination, Cascade is dedicated to ensuring that each step of a product’s journey is precise and controlled. In addition to a full range of lift truck attachments, Cascade offers a suite of damage reduction systems and accessories to optimize an attachment’s performance. These systems can be integrated seamlessly onto a Cascade attachment with no need to change the driver’s normal operating procedures as many do not require any additional driver input. Designed to increase operator efficiency and the success rate for delivering product damage-free, Cascade’s damage reduction systems result in less waste and ultimately cost savings to the customer.