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On the doorstep of security

Interview with Zbigniew Mendel, President of Board of GERDA Sp. z o.o.

European Business: As a manufacturer of doors, what distinguishes your products from those of the competition and what are your unique selling points?

Zbigniew Mendel: GERDA products are based on the latest technology. Innovative, patented solutions implemented by a team of qualified engineers and designers guarantee the highest quality, safety and unique design of our products. The company uses its own patented solutions which contribute to an increase in the safety level and, at the same time, help us to gain a competitive edge. It is noteworthy that in order to improve its anti-burglary door, GERDA even cooperates with the Counter Terrorism Centre.

European Business: In what regions and countries are you most active and in which countries do you plan to expand in the future?

Zbigniew Mendel: GERDA is located in Poland, so naturally this is a core region, but we are also active in Great Britain, Russia, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Two years ago, we entered the German and Austrian markets.

European Business: What target groups do you address with your products and what is your core target group?

Zbigniew Mendel: Our product is aimed at individual investors who build or renovate a house or flat, and for those who pay special attention to security. The company offers a broad selection of doors with a varying degree of burglary resistance to address different external threats, and in different styles from traditional to modern, which enables customers to choose proper doors according to their specific needs and tastes.

Moreover, GERDA produces fire-proof doors, as well as fire-proof and smoke-proof doors in a version with increased burglary resistance and with a decorative panel included. For customers with particular demands, we have prepared additional decorative elements such as door bands and portals which emphasise door elegance. Bands and portals may be installed on both metal doors and doors with decorative panels. A varied colour selection of metal doors and panel doors, including colours similar to natural wood as well as signs, match the style of door. Apart from aesthetic values, GERDA doors are distinguished by a solid construction and high quality of materials used for their production. For this reason, doors serve their purpose perfectly.

European Business: What importance do regular customers and new customers have for you, and how do you achieve customer loyalty?

Zbigniew Mendel: Nowadays, the most important factor is customer experience. We offer complex services - not just one product, but all the necessary elements that are connected with it, for example accompanying elements plus innovative solutions like GerdaLock.

European Business: What major changes do you think will occur in your industry in the near future?

Zbigniew Mendel: The major driving force is innovation in technology. Consequently, we have now started the process of modernizing the whole machinery at our plant, implementing the latest innovative solutions available in our industry

European Business: What makes your company a success and what is your recipe for success?

Zbigniew Mendel: In my opinion the team stands at the core of success and how we cooperate on every task.

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