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Chatbots are the new web designers. Meet Heek!

Interview with Nicolas Fayon, Founder and CEO of Heek

European Business: Mr Fayon, your company Heek helps small and medium sized business to create their own websites through a chatbot with artificial intelligence.  How can Heek help me creating my own website for my company within an hour?

Nicolas Fayon: You are absolutely right. Heek helps small and medium sized businesses to make their own website in a few minutes thanks to a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. All that you have to do is answer a series of questions so that the chatbot understands your profile and starts building a website, live. Heek will guide the users throughout the process by providing tips and suggestions to make a beautiful website. The user is then free to customize their website with their own content, designs and images or choose their own templates to their liking. It is a very useful service for those that have limited web competencies, budget or time.

It is a very useful service for those that have limited web competencies, budget or time. Nicolas FayonFounder and CEO

European Business: Is your website more of a tool for private people and small businesses or are you planning to expand it also for larger businesses?

Nicolas Fayon: Currently Heek is a tool for independents, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners as they are the ones that need the most guidance and help for getting their business online. It is our core audience. We also have started forming partnerships with certain industries, such as the Yoga market, where for instance with YogaTrail, the world’s largest Yoga network, we provide their users the possibility to build their website with our tool. 

European Business: What happens when a website, created through your chatbot Heek, has technical problems? Can your chatbot help with that as well or do I still need a web designer to fix this?

Nicolas Fayon: If a user encounters technical problems, they can signal it directly in the chat. The chatbot will then provide a few solutions to help out. However, if the problem is more complex, we have a very reactive customer success team behind who will accompany you. The chatbot puts the user directly in contact with the team. Therefore, there is no need for a web designer to fix technical problems as everything can be done directly on the platform through our customer success team.

European Business: Will chatbots not eventually kill a lot of jobs in the service industry?

Nicolas Fayon: It is certain that chatbots will eventually kill off “menial tasks”. Chatbots are extremely useful when it comes to provide immediate answers, actions and gathering information and data. However, chatbots are also here to help create new jobs, or push humans to “collaborate” with them. For example, in the service industry, it is useful to have chatbots at the front of conversations with users to help them with particular and immediate demands. 82% of consumers expect to be answered instantly. Having chatbots to help with the workload and to offer a more fluid customer experience is useful for the service teams behind them. For more complicated subject areas, a human team will take over. It is therefore important that the service industry learns how to work alongside chatbots and understand what chatbots can do for them.  

Chatbots are extremely useful when it comes to provide immediate answers, actions and gathering information and data. Nicolas FayonFounder and CEO

European Business: Was your own website created by a chatbot and how do you like the result?

Nicolas Fayon: Great question, no, Heek’s website was not created by our chatbot, we are not in its target range. However, we have seen many beautiful websites created by our users ranging from yoga teachers, lawyers, associations, bed and breakfasts to food caterers or real estate agencies. We work with more than 40 different industries and cater to over 1900 jobs. All of our websites are mobile friendly, allowing our clients to have modern and responsive sites to attract their users. 

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