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A blueprint for memories

Interview with Jan Maarten de Raad

European Business Journal: “Could you briefly introduce your company and your products and services? Are there any recent novelties?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “Our company is a real destination maker for the leisure industry. We concentrate mainly on the design and building needs for theme parks, zoos, tourist attractions and holiday resorts. One part of our business focuses on architectural services like master planning, concept design and detailed design. The other part is the actual realization: We are a contracting firm that makes creative design reality with the best practices of project managers, engineers and creative artists.”

European Business Journal: “Why do customers choose Jora Vision?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “We use our own resources in combination with the best resources we can find in the world. All our efforts are concentrated on making the best and most economical end result for our clients. Clients request Jora Vision’s services for different projects. Some are interested in our design skills, some in our production skills, but mostly we are approached for the effective combination of design and production solutions. Our productions are often based on very creative firsts, which require a lot of passion and engineering in order to make them succeed. Most of our clients don’t want to take any risks; they simply want a good end result. We do our utmost to satisfy our clients’ requests and create their visions. This commitment to a good end result has always motivated me and my team. I always say ‘We are as good as our last project!”

European Business Journal: “What are your USPs? What distinguishes you from your competitors?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “Our design capabilities. In our small field, we are the largest design company in Europe. Our in-house production facilities are also fantastic. There are not so many companies that are strong in design and production.”

European Business Journal: “The euro debt crisis is omnipresent. Did your company feel the effects?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “We have only been growing during this period. So we mainly feel positive effects like the availability of great talent.”

European Business Journal: “Sustainability: only a slogan or a reality for you?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “As an architect you are able to make the choice to use environmentally friendly materials. For me sustainability comes not only from materials but mostly from the way companies organize their production process. At Jora Vision we take this very seriously. I’m sorry to see that some companies in our industry don’t really care about this issue. Even the market leaders, but I am sure and hope this will get more attention in the near future.”

European Business Journal: “Where do you see your company in one year? What do you expect? What do you wish for?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “I hope we are able to keep up our good performance.”

European Business Journal: “Do you have any words of wisdom from your experience as an entrepreneur?”

Jan Maarten de Raad: “Invest most of your time as an entrepreneur in becoming a stronger and better company; don’t focus on profits!”

European Business Journal: “Mr. De Raad, thank you very much for the information. We are impressed by your development and we hope you enjoy further positive business development as you deserve it in the future!”

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