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Magic adhesive strips: How invisible helpers can take years off your appearance

Interview mit Natalie Franz, CEO and Founder of Magicstripes

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European Business: Magicstripes are described as “opening the eye of the user” and helping them to look younger. Are the sticky strips the solution for sleepless nights?

Natalie Franz: We can certainly conceal the effects of a sleepless night with Eyelid Lifting Stripes and give eyes an open and fresh appearance. However, the lifting stripes are not just intended for tired eyes. A lot of people are born with a marked droop in one or both eyelids which makes the eye look smaller.

Eyelid Lifting Stripes are transparent stripes of silicone that are easy to stick to the eyelid, while lifting it and making the wearer appear fresher and several years younger. The stripes are dermatologically safe and suitable even for sensitive eyes. Best of all: they can’t be seen or felt and last all day.

European Business: Once customers see what a difference the strips make, there are surely many people using them every day. Is there a danger that they become addictive?

Natalie Franz: Many people use Lifting Stripes as part of their daily routine, just like a day cream or mascara. Lifting Stripes are invisible and therefore perfectly suited for everyday use. Many of our customers can’t imagine life without them.

Natalie Franz
I have met many customers whose eyesight is limited by extremely saggy upper eyelids but for whom an operation is still out of the question. Natalie Franz

European Business: Are Magicstripes a first step before a surgical intervention to combat droopy eyelids permanently?

Natalie Franz: I would say the opposite. Undergoing a surgical procedure on their eye purely for cosmetic reasons is a major step for most people. I have met many customers whose eyesight is limited by extremely saggy upper eyelids but for whom an operation is still out of the question. These are people whose quality of life is greatly enhanced by Eyelid Lifting Stripes and are now loyal customers. Furthermore, why would you go under the knife when there is a much easier and simpler solution to the problem?

European Business: Your customer base consists predominantly of women. Are your Lifting Stripes also aimed at men?

Natalie Franz: The majority of our customers are female but men also use our Eyelid Lifting Stripes. The stripes are available in three different sizes so that there is an appropriate solution for everyone, regardless whether man or woman.

European Business: You have made it possible to have fresh-looking eyes even after a bad night’s sleep. Are you planning to develop the product still further and cover other application areas?

Natalie Franz: Lifting Stripes can only be used on the eyes. We have no plans to develop them for other areas. In our range we have seven other beauty masks which cover different areas of application. For example, our anti-ageing booster the MAGNETIC YOUTH MASK, which stimulates blood circulation, supports the skin’s natural regeneration and accelerates cell renewal. The DEEP DETOX MASK with its combination of ultra fine clay particles on a microfiber sheet, which deeply cleanses the skin and tightens pores. The CHIN & CHEEK LIFTING MASK is like a mini facelift thanks to the special combination of high-performance ingredients and the tightening effect of the mask. All of our products are paraben-free, dermatologically safe and not tested on animals. Later this year, the Magic family will be joined by a new product - watch this space. (laughs)

Interview: Aurelia Leppen | Photos: Magicstripes GmbH

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