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Recognizing potential

Interview with Dr. Alexander Koblischek

EBJ: “Dr. Koblischek, what was the business idea of the two founders Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs?”

Dr. Alexander Koblischek: “The idea was to buy fascinating real estate in the best location with great potential, developing an individual strategy to rebuild, reorganize or modernize it. This way, we create added value for the properties.”

EBJ: “Do you have a special approach to finding properties with value enhancement potential?”

Dr. Alexander Koblischek: “We have very good intuition for finding buildings with development potential. Our selection criteria are primarily the fascination and force of attraction of the real estate. Whether the buildings have a classical or modern architecture or both, there has to be potential to further develop and improve them. The other selection criterion is the location – a factor, which has always been important in the real estate market.”

EBJ: “What kind of buildings do you look for?”

Dr. Alexander Koblischek: “Our portfolio comprises commercial and residential real estate, including office towers, ultra-luxury condominiums, hotels and high-end retail developments. In Germany, we have a portfolio of Class A office, retail and hotel assets in the leading markets of Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Among them are the 40-story Eurotower in Frankfurt leased by the European Central Bank, the Siemens Complex in Munich and the Alsterakaden in Hamburg. One of our latest projects is the Westend Gate in Frankfurt, which has been completely refurbished and offers office space for different companies as well as the Marriott Hotel.”

EBJ: “Besides the refurbishment of real estate, what other services does RFR offer?”

Dr. Alexander Koblischek: “In Germany, RFR management GmbH is responsible for property and asset management. We manage our own real estate portfolio from the initial purchase through to the sale of the building.”

EBJ: “What differentiates you from your competitors?”

Dr. Alexander Koblischek: “Our most important factor of success is our high and proven competence in recognizing properties with great potential to create added value. We are never satisfied with what we have achieved; a real estate project is never finished. We have very creative specialists who are very customer-oriented and find an individual approach for each object. Every building has its own soul, and our task is to work it out. Moreover, we offer property and asset management as well as leasing and development measures from a single source.”

EBJ: “What do you expect from the future?”

Dr. Alexander Koblischek: “I think the real estate markets in the USA and Germany have a great future. Prices are rising, and there are a lot of movements in the German market, which offer a lot of potential for us. We live in an exciting period that provides more chances than risks.”

EBJ: “Dr. Koblischek, thank you for answering our questions. We wish you and RFR a lot of success for the future.”

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