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Clean meat? No antibiotics, no contaminants, no arsenic!

Interview with Shir Friedman, Co-founder and CCO of SuperMeat

Many technological changes are hard to accept at first. Before the invention of the refrigerator we used to harvest our ice from frozen lakes. Shir Friedman

European Food: Which are the largest technological obstacles which SuperMeat has had to overcome to make its products fit for the mass market?

Shir Friedman: The largest obstacle is making the clean meat cost-efficient and producing it in scale. SuperMeat has the best experts in the field of biological manufacturing to overcome these challenges.

European Food: Why do you think that it is startups which are showing the greatest potential for “meatless meat“, or in your case: “super meat“, and not long-established large competitors in the food industry?

Shir Friedman: Big names in the food industry are in fact showing their interest in clean meat. PHW has invested in SuperMeat and other big names in the meat industry, such as Cargill and Tyson foods, have also invested in clean meat start-ups. This comes to show that all these established players in the food world see and understand the huge potential clean meat can bring.

All these established players in the food world see and understand the huge potential clean meat can bring. Shir Friedman

European Food: More and more consumers – in Israel as in Europe – no longer demand merely healthy food, but food produced in accordance with their own personal ideals. The market for organic products has been nothing but expanding these past few years. Would you consider your products part of that trajectory – and organic?

Shir Friedman: There is a reason why clean meat is called clean meat - because it is cleaner and healthier to consume. The production process of clean meat eliminates massive use of antibiotics, is free of contaminants like Salmonella and E-Coli, and will not contain dangerous arsenic compounds. So to answer your question – clean meat is definitely suitable for consumers who wish to make healthier eating choices.

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