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Climb on, you are safe!

Interview with Andreas Both, Sales Director of Telesteps AB

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European Business: Mr. Both, according to statistics, most accidents happen at home; many on ladders. What are the most common causes of ladder incidents and what does Telesteps do to make ladders safe?

Andreas Both: Safety has always had top priority for Telesteps. There is simply no way to compromise on safety and quality in our business. Quality controls are pivotal. One of the most important things to avoid accidents is having a ladder with the right length for a specific job. Our ladders are easily extended and quickly secured. Our rubber feet ensure stability. Last but not least, we work with high-quality material such as high-grade aluminium alloy and glass fibre reinforced plastic parts. Together, this makes safe ladders that are unique on the market.

European Business: Telesteps is the number 1 market player in professional telescopic ladders; they have become an icon in the world of telescoping ladders. What has the company driven over all those years to become a leading global player?

Andreas Both: It all started in 1996 when Telesteps purchased the licence of telescopic ladders. Ever since, the company has worked on innovations to set new standards in terms of safety. The first milestone was developing a world patent, the AUTOSTEP® technology, which made possible to close the ladder by one button touch. The introduction of the ‘Prime Line’, the first telescopic ladder with a triangular aluminium shaped tube and the total industrialized ladder design created the markets safest and strongest ladder. Today, we have seven different product lines; each one meets specific requirements, each one is unique and each one is synonymous with safety, utmost functionality and quality, for a safer and easier working environment.

European Business: Given this, Telesteps is characterized by constant development in terms of products. What are main cornerstones of its history?

Andreas Both: Telesteps was acquired by Gunnebo Industrier AB in 2008 and sold again in 2017 to the CEO Peter Heim. Nowadays, we are an independent private company which gives us enough space to be creative and innovative. Telesteps has always liked the idea to do things differently. Saying this, I need to come back to our products. What really makes them unique is the combination of safety and functionality. Our ladders guarantee flexible telescopic operations while being safe and durable. Small details in the design ensure meeting and exceeding safety expectations. There is only one original product on the market and this is made by Telesteps. Therefore, in collaboration with test houses, we developed different training programmes where we train, educate and explain to the market the danger of using poor copies.

European Business: Is there a kind of flagship product?

Andreas Both: As I said, we have seven different lines these days – Prime Line, Classico Line, Combi Line, Solid Line, Eco Line, Loft Line and Rescue Line. The ladder is without doubt a flagship range. Especially designed for fire-, military and rescue teams, it is the first telescopic ladder in the world that three people can use at the same time. Its triangular tube design is a main feature; if you touch the ladder you simply feel the difference. Another highlight is the development of the Prime Stabilisers. In 2019, the product was improved to guarantee a safer working environment to the user and in the same time meeting the latest EN131-6:2019 European standard. Unlike the market, we use unique Stabilisers to enhance side movements and stability. With this unique solution, the ladder kept its compact design. Again, innovation for a safer world is our strength.

European Business: Is there anything else that makes Telesteps unique on the market?

Andreas Both: Our company is unique in many ways, but one of the most effectful is the time and resources we are spending in research and development, creating safe products and useful accessories.

European Business: Telesteps is a premium supplier offering excellent value for money. What customers do you focus on and what are future plans?

Andreas Both: Our products are mainly used by professionals. We attend in trade fairs in Europe and the United States, having customers all over the world. Europe is still our core market yet. Our next market to conquer is United States. We are keen to further step up the ladder of success.

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