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Rapid, reliable repairs

Interview with Gábor Vass and Balázs Kotányi, Directors of TMX Mobile Solution Szerviz Kft.

European Business: Mr. Kotányi, you call your company the missing link between producers and consumers.

Balázs Kotányi: Yes, we have 4,000 m² of modern working space in Budaörs in the Budapest metropolitan area where we provide rapid repair services for any type of mobile equipment.

European Business: The development of your company is an unequalled success story.

Balázs Kotányi: You are right. Within the last eight years, we have grown from two million HUF in revenues to more than ten million HUF and from 30 employees to 435. Today, we are the leading provider in Hungary.

Gábor Vass: Growth, however, is no value in itself. Reaping synergies and working together as partners, as we do, is more important than expansion. If the prerequisites are right, growth comes by itself.

European Business: You are operating in a fast-evolving market with new players and products emerging almost every day. How are you managing this rapid change?

Balázs Kotányi: That is true. You cannot compare our business with that of ten years ago. Mobile phones are becoming smarter and smarter, and demands with regard to customer service and logistics have increased significantly. Short turnaround times are much more important today than in the past. The customer wants his mobile phone back as soon as possible. We even have replacement devices that are delivered to the customer’s front door.

European Business: What other services do you offer, apart from mobile repairs?

Balázs Kotányi: Repairing mobile devices is our core business. In addition, we provide pre-sales services, such as repackaging or firmware upgrades. We also cover all after-sales logistics operations and have 32 service points across Hungary to provide repair services.

European Business: Do you also get any devices for repair from abroad?

Gábor Vass: We have service agreements with several international manufacturers, such as with Huawei in Austria. We also get Samsung smartphones from Austria and Germany every day.

Balázs Kotányi: 25% of our business comes from international activities. We want to further grow this ratio and welcome new contacts.

Gábor Vass: We meet Western European standards in a politically and economically stable country, at much lower cost though. This makes us a preferred alternative and service partner for both manufacturers and operators.

European Business: How would you describe the main reasons for your sustained success?

Balázs Kotányi: It is our openness towards cooperating with new partners and our capacity to manage change in a highly dynamic market sector.

Gábor Vass: We are more flexible than many of our competitors and always aim to meet our customers’ individual requirements and preferences.

European Business: You seem to enjoy working and developing the company further.

Balázs Kotányi: Yes, we have never regarded working as a burden. Mobile phones are one of the most personal devices that people own. We are happy to be in this market and return them in full working order and within the shortest possible time.

Gábor Vass: Giving work to so many people is a great motivation and satisfaction. We are proud of creating an atmosphere where people like to work and feel at home. Our repair center is located in a modern building with daylight, air conditioning and a break room.

Balázs Kotányi: Despite strong expansion, we try to keep the virtues of a family business alive where everyone knows everyone else and to reconcile this commitment with the objective of streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

European Business: Thank you very much for the interesting insight into your company, Mr. Kotányi and Mr. Vass. We wish you all the best for achieving your targets.

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