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DGA’s and major shareholders deserve our respect

Interview with Hennie van der Most, Dutch Entrepreneur and Investor

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European Business: Mr. van der Most, as a school dropout, you worked your way up the corporate ladder to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. What was your greatest motivation from the start, and what tips can you give founders for leading a successful company?

Hennie van der Most: The most important tip is: keep going. Being an entrepreneur means that you never really reach your goal. It’s about always staying active in line with the motto “Go big or go home.”

European Business: Is it still possible today to build an empire without a degree of any kind? Or have the times changed?

Hennie van der Most: It’s still possible today to establish a successful corporation without a degree. The times have certainly changed, but honesty, sincerity and transparency are still important qualities for doing business successfully.

Hennie van der Most
“Being an entrepreneur means that you never really reach your goal.” Hennie van der MostDutch Entrepreneur and Investor

European Business: Your corporate portfolio encompasses amusement parks that you located in old industrial facilities, as well as home improvement stores, catering rentals, equipment rentals and steelworks. How did you come to such a broad spectrum?

Hennie van der Most: It grew over the years and ultimately arose from me seeing opportunities everywhere and using them consistently.

European Business: Your latest project is a theme park in an old power plant at the harbour of Rotterdam. What traits do you think founders need to have to establish themselves in the market?

Hennie van der Most: The amusement park is not actually in an old power plant but in the old waste incineration plant in Rotterdam. Important traits, besides the ones mentioned before, are creativity and perseverance: You can’t let yourself be thrown off track by setbacks.

European Business: You are also Chairman of the DGA Network in the Netherlands, an interest group of independent entrepreneurs, directors and major shareholders. How important is networking to you?

Hennie van der Most: I founded DGA Network Nederland at that time to combine individual voices and make them loud and especially audible. This applies, for example, to politics. The objective was and is more respect for DGA’s and major shareholders. After all, they’re the ones who, for the most part, keep our economy up and running.