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ISIS Diabète is keen to expand its market and increase the number of patients able to benefit from insulin pump technology

Hope for diabetes sufferers

Diabetes diagnoses are rising, with an estimated 300 million sufferers worldwide. When left untreated or poorly managed, diabetes has terrible consequences for patients. However, maintaining stable blood sugar levels requires a level of discipline that many people struggle with. ISIS Diabète SAS in France specializes in fitting and training patients in the use of the latest external insulin pumps to free them from a constrictive regime.

Insulin pumps offer hope to diabetics by delivering insulin as it is needed and preventing jumps in blood sugar

Diabetes is one of the major health challenges the world is facing today. While the incidence of Type 1 diabetes remains stable, the number of new diagnoses of lifestyle-related Type 2 diabetes is rising exponentially.Type 2 diabetes is closely linked with the global explosion in obesity rates and is placing a huge burden on health systems around the world.

“Helping patients to manage their diabetes successfully is the key to lowering the burden on health providers and improving the long-term prognosis for sufferers,” says CEO Arnaud Jérôme. “There are 3.5 million diabetes patients in France alone, of whom just 200,000 have Type 1 diabetes.”

Although the way to regulate blood sugar in diabetic patients is to inject insulin, not every patient is offered a pump by their doctor. “In France there are around 50,000 diabetes patients who have pumps, and there are around 80 providers like us who provide these patients with help and support in the optimum use of their pump,” explains Mr. Jérôme. “Most of them are regionally active. We are one of only a handful who are active throughout France.”

ISIS Diabète supplies patients with the insulin pump and the catheter through which the insulin is delivered into the bloodstream and trains them in its use. The advantage of the pump is that it reacts instantly to fluctuations in blood sugar in much the same way as a normal person’s body reacts, thus avoiding the chronic hyperglycemia that is so damaging in the long term.

Since the catheter only needs changing once every three days, it also greatly reduces the frequency with which patients must prick themselves with a needle. “Insulin pumps are transforming lives for the better and giving hope to diabetes patients that they can avoid the amputations and loss of sight which are the more severe consequences of a lifetime of elevated blood sugar,” says Mr. Jérôme. “With more people being diagnosed with diabetes at an ever younger age, this is a vital step forward.”

ISIS Diabète currently supports 4,000 diabetes patients, making it the sixth-largest provider in its niche. “We try to tailor our service to the patients’ needs, which are more demanding than the legal requirements,” adds Mr. Jérôme. “If a patient needs more visits than are prescribed, then we are happy to do them if it means the outcome is better.”

ISIS Diabète SAS
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