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Aura Light gets order from Abu Dhabi Security Exchange

Aura Light gets order from Abu Dhabi Security Exchange

The lighting company Aura Light has received an order for light sources from the Abu Dhabi Security Exchange, UAE Exchange. The 2,500 Long Life lamps have been installed in the centre of the building and give an energy saving of 12% compared to equivalent standard products.

The newly built, modern stock exchange in Abu Dhabi has a ceiling height of nine meters. To install and replace light sources is consuming, expensive and risky. Therefore Aura’s Long Life lamps, which last three times longer than standard fluorescent lamps, were installed. It gives Abu Dhabi Security Exchange huge savings on maintenance costs. These fluorescent lamps are also extra energy efficient, which is the reason behind the energy saving.

- Aura’s environmentally friendly lighting solutions will enable the customer to save energy while reducing maintenance costs and carbon emissions, say George S Kamel of Thermo MEP Services.

Long Life fluorescent lamps also reduce environmental impacts in the form of raw materials, production, transport, packaging and waste by two thirds.

- We are very pleased to provide the stock market in Abu Dhabi with one of Aura’s lighting solutions. This is in line with their green focus and helps them to become more sustainable, says Martin Malmros, CEO of Aura Light International AB.

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