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Aura Light is a part of the IES Progress Report 2012

Aura Light is a part of the IES Progress Report 2012

The lighting company Aura Light is featured in the 2012 IES Progress report with its Metal Halide- and High Pressure Sodium lamp. The IES Progress Report will be released in January and it presents significant developments and improvements in the lighting industry in North America.

The annual report acknowledges products that are unique and provide a significant advancement to the art and science of lighting. Both Aura Crystal Long Life and Aura Sodinette AN Long Life lamps are presented at the IES annual conference in Minneapolis in November and will be shown in LD+A magazine in January.

“We are very happy about our products being featured in the IES Progress Report. It is an honour to be a part of this report and it recognizes the high quality of the products as well as the uniqueness”, says Peder Engdahl, Head of Global Sales at Aura Light International AB.

Aura Crystal Long Life has an average lifetime of 43,000 hours (about nine years, 50% of the lamps still working). Aura Crystal Long Life can be used in different application areas, for example urban street lighting where white light is important. With its long lifetime Aura Crystal Long Life reduces maintenance costs by at least 50%.

Aura Sodinette AN Long Life is developed for applications according to ANSI standards and designed for operation at net power of 100-120 V. The average lifetime of Aura Sodinette AN Long Life is 70,000 hours and it is well suited for professional segments such as street lighting, tunnel lighting, public lighting, car parks, industrial lighting and sports facilities. In case of net power disturbances Aura Sodinette AN Long Life re-strikes directly based on a two burner technology.

Aura Light is an established lighting company with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. They are acknowledged for providing light sources with long lifetime as well as superior quality. Lighting solutions from Aura Light can reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent – good for both the environment and cost savings.

For more information about the IES Progress Report, go to www.ies.org.

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