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Collagen purification @ EMCM

Collagen purification @ EMCM

As part of the PIDON consortium Novio Tissue, EMCM has successfully developed a production process for insoluble highly purified type 1 collagen, derived from bovine tendons. This development further enhances the strategic position of EMCM as a developer and manufacturer of collagen based biomaterials for the healthcare industry.

Further to this development, the validation of the production process has been initiated, thus opening commercial channels for supply of freeze dried collagen, intermediate collagen and collagen product developments for the orthopaedic, dermatological, urogenital and infection care market segments. Contact EMCM, for more information.

PIDON Novio Tissue is a funded regional initiative to exploit biomedical knowledge in an industrial setting. The consortium comprises academic, medical and industrial partners. Novio Tissue aims to develop, produce and evaluate collagenous constructs for urogenital applications, i.e. bladder, urethra and urostomy.

CSR - Osteomyelitis in Uganda

aap Implantate AG, the parent company of EMCM B.V., engage in CSR activities to overcome Osteomyelitis in Uganda by providing PerOssal®, a premium aap product, in the nation at no cost. PerOssal® is a newly developed synthetic bone replacement material with two outstanding properties. PerOssal® makes available a bone replacement material that after surgical cleaning of the wound can be inserted into even infected bone defects with a simultaneous delivery of antibiotics and is used for permanent filling or reconstruction of bone defects in accident surgery, orthopedics, orthodontic an facial surgery.

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