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Environics delivers EnVision Hazmat Response System (HRS) to the Fire Brigade of the Capital Area of Finland

Environics delivers EnVision HRS to Fire Brigade

Environics delivers EnVision HRS monitoring and warning system to the Fire Brigade of the Capital Area of Finland. The EnVision HRS system is delivered with an EnVision Weather Station and a ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical detector. The Envision HRS system was selected by an open commercial tender. The Envision HRS was the only system in the market, which was able to meet the user’s demanding requirements.

Environics’ delivery expands the chemical response capability of the HazMat unit to a new level.

The HazMat unit got a real chemical mission just minutes after the hands-on training of the delivered system. The feedback from the field was excellent, and the use of the equipment in the chemical mission was a great success.

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