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Servo-ejection rather than compressed air protects parts and enhances the production process

Servo-ejection rather than compressed air protects parts and enhances the production process

At EuroBLECH, Feintool Technologie AG will be showcasing newly developed removal systems for its fineblanking presses. Several different solutions, which are integrated into tools or machines, ensure the rapid outfeeding of parts without any damage to the functional or visible surfaces. Transferring parts to downstream processing the right way round increases the automation level of the overall process. And as less noise is generated than with air expulsion techniques and no oil mist is formed, users can also meet the increasing legal and environmental requirements.

"Thanks to the new removal systems for our high-speed fineblanking proc-esses, parts can be removed reliably without damage to surfaces and the right way round for routing to automated onward processing", states Markus Schaltegger, Head of Presses and Systems at Feintool Technologie AG. "And there are many more advantages for users as opposed to blowing out parts".

At EuroBLECH, Feintool will exhibit easy-to-integrate, fully automated re-moval systems for each of the market leader's three product lines. The re-moval technology is based on drive consoles that can be mounted on the press table or on the press frame and are integrated into the press control system.

Sophisticated slide consoles (single or dual level) can be mounted on the tool block or the change plate. Removal systems have been devel-oped for fineblanking presses with HFA, X-TRA or XFT technology.

Process automation for visible parts too

The new generation of removal systems ensure that fineblanked parts are removed from the tool chamber fully automatically and in the correct, same position, and transferred for onward processing carefully and correctly. Parts removal is matched to the speed of the fineblanking presses and does not inhibit their performance.

The slide bars run on low-friction rollers with linear guides. A quick-coupling system for fast changeovers minimizes set-up times. The removal systems can be coupled and uncoupled at any point, depending on workpiece and level of integration into the overall process. Adjustment at die plate level is equally quick and easy. It is therefore possible to switch between servo-removal and compressed-air systems at any time.

Thanks to Feintool's removal systems, workpieces are conveyed away un-damaged (e.g. without impact damage) following fineblanking. The separation of workpieces and slugs follows a number of different concepts and is safe and reliable. Given the high process reliability the manufacturer prom-ises a further increase in automation level.

Furthermore, part outfeeding by servo-ejection is clean, ecological and not harmful to the health of staff. The volume of air consumed is a great deal lower than in compressed-air sys-tems, no oil mist is formed and significantly less noise is generated. Therefore, users can also meet the ever increasing legal and ecological requirements.

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