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CrazyDrill Flex receives Outstanding Innovation Award

CrazyDrill Flex receives Outstanding Innovation Award

CrazyDrill Flex is one of the outstanding innovations to have emerged from Switzerland’s manufacturing industry in the past two years. That is the opinion of the judges responsible for the Prodex Award, Switzerland’s most prestigious manufacturing and production prize.

At the recent Prodex trade fair in Basel, the awards for outstanding innovations in machine tools, tools and measurement technology were presented. Mikron Tool SA Agno achieved second place with its CrazyDrill Flex micro drill.

CrazyDrill Flex is a world first for small, deep bores with diameters from 0.1 mm and depths of up to 50 times their diameter. The carbide drill combines the advantages of an HSS tool with those of a carbide drill: flexibility, long service life and precision. Its unique features are a newly developed carbide metal and specially defined geometry.

A flexible connector between the cutting element and shaft give the drill elasticity, which guarantees reliable drilling even under challenging circumstances such as inaccuracies in positioning. At the same time, it is suitable for particularly deep holes and offers fresh potential in areas which until now have been restricted to more complex processes such as EDM or laser technology.

CrazyDrill Flex is available in two versions: from 0.1 mm diameter for bore depths of up to 30 times diameter, and from 0.3 mm diameter for bore depths of up to 50 times diameter (thanks to a through cooling system built into the shaft). The tool is particularly popular in the watch making, medical technology, fuel injection technology and tool and mould making industries.

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