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Nordic ID Launches RFID Application Platform for Retail

Nordic ID Launches RFID Application Platform for Retail

Nordic ID has decided to expand its product offering and launch NIDA: the Nordic ID Application platform. NIDA is flexible and easy to integrate and configure, which results in lower costs in RFID implementations.

NIDA is an Application Platform designed to complement our RFID reader products. It is a platform that has been created to accommodate our assortment of Retail RFID Software tools e.g. Inventory, Cycle count, Locate, Goods In, Associate. Choose the applications that fit your needs and processes the best from our range of applications.

Nordic ID partners will be able to concentrate on integration tasks and providing local support to customers whilst selling both Nordic ID hardware and software products with a great margin.

Each of our retail RFID tools represent a customer process and depending on the customer’s needs, the Retail RFID Software tools can be selected to fully suit each customer’s operations. Only minimal changes are required to the customers’ ERP. The NIDA platform and its retail RFID tools help customers find RFID benefits quickly.

NIDA is an uncomplicated tool for RFID piloting and it enables easy expansion of pilots. The NIDA platform makes integration between Nordic ID RFID mobile computers and backend system as easy as possible.

NIDA benefits

  • flexible and easy to use platform
  • supports best RFID practice
  • easy to integrate and configure, resulting in lower integration and project costs
  • quick implementation and project execution
  • each of the retail RFID tools represents a customer process
  • minimal changes to ERP required
  • easy piloting
  • no deep know-how needed on RFID, the hardware devices and software

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