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RFID Arena

RFID Arena

RFID Arena is the source of information for companies adopting RFID technology as well as for experts and people just generally interested in RFID.

RFID Arena is a platform where people can get information about RFID. Benefits of RFID implementations are presented; solutions and adoptions are introduced; challenges and answers to them are dealt with. The platform is a part of the School of RFID, hosted by Nordic ID. The School of RFID offers education and information through the RFID Arena and different events.

The purpose of the site is to make every single RFID adoption easier and faster and to speed up the adoptions in general. It is all about encouraging companies to adopt RFID, taking the public concern regarding the safety aspects of the technology into consideration.

Different topics

The articles on the RFID Arena are divided into five categories.

This section contains articles explaining “Why RFID”- how it has benefitted different retailers as well as different point of views of the adoptions. The articles are written from service provider, retailer, and consumer aspects to ensure as impartial information as possible.

The articles contain information about how RFID simplifies and enhances supply chain processes and the benefits that follow these improvements. Special attention has been given to horticultural supply chain.

In addition to the wider spread typical RFID adoptions, articles about other not so common solutions have been written. These articles contain ideas for the future, current applications and also a few wild and funny thoughts.

Every RFID adoption will face a few challenges before the system is fully functional. Some of the challenges and answers to them have been gathered in this category. More of the challenging situations are being studied and reported all the time.

As the sponsor and main contributor to the RFID Arena Nordic ID also shares its own news and observations on the RFID Arena. The weekly Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog is a good way to follow what is going on at Nordic ID.

It is time to Enter the Arena!



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