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RFID enables Schneider-Moden to create new shopping experience at its retail stores

RFID enables Schneider-Moden to create new shopping experience

Schneider-Moden revives its retail operations with RFID. The Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computers with Enso-Detego RFID software enable new shopping experiences for the customers.

Enso Detego GmbH, provider of RFID software solutions for fashion supply chain management and Nordic ID, announced today that Schneider-Moden, a Germany-based fashion retailer, implemented detego® Basic Store software and the Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computers for RFID shop automation at its two newly opened fashion retail stores.

Schneider-Moden, a fashion retailer specialized in selling fashion labels such as ESPRIT, edc, Street One, Cecil, Lerros and Opus, recently opened two new Gerry Weber fashion stores in Leipzig and Wittenberg. The retailer, who operates over 40 stores in Germany, decided to implement the RFID technology to create a modern shopping experience for its customers.

By using Enso Detego RFID software solution to have an overview of the flow of the fashion articles on the shop-floor, Schneider-Moden now has a complete visibility on the articles and can respond quickly and accurately to its customer's needs.

Tom Vieweger, Key Account Manager at Enso Detego, says: “It is all about avoiding out-of-stock situations. By implementing our standard detego® Basic Store software, we completed this project within the shortest time. The solution allows Schneider-Moden to improve customer shopping experience and, consequently, its sales.”

The stores receive their fashion articles with RFID labels already attached to them from Gerry Weber. Within minutes, the personnel can inspect the incoming articles at the inbound control and run discrepancy analysis. In the store, the personnel accurately and reliably locate the goods at any location, manage the availability of goods at the sales surface and ensure efficient replenishment process.

The deployed electronic article surveillance system provides the stores with an effective anti-theft system which is fully integrated into the retailer IT-system. By consequence, the retailer can simplify its working processes and save costs on the traditional security tags.

“The solution, as implemented at the Schneider-Moden stores, fully demonstrates the benefits of the RFID technology for Mono Label Stores” adds Matjaz Novak, Marketing Director at Enso Detego. He concludes: “At Enso Detego, we developed a set of products for RFID shop-floor automation which helps fashion retail operators improve their operational efficiency and increase their sales in shortest time and at an affordable cost.”

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