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SPX CHEASLY - An easy process to produce cheese without whey separation

SPX CHEASLY – An Easy Process to Produce Cheese without Whey Separation

SPX Cheasly is a process concept based on the use of Functional Native Milk Protein in powder form to produce a full range of Cheese Specialties.

Cheasly FC (Fresh Cheese) produces fresh cheese including Fromage Frais, Quark specialties, strained yogurt, spreadable cheeses and white cheese. These quality cheeses are produced by adding 4-12% Functional Native Milk Protein in powder to fresh or recombined milk, without acid whey separation, giving 100% cheese yield. The cheeses have excellent taste and texture and are less reliant on milk quality or availability. They also have good creaminess, mouth feel (unctuous) and can be customized to exactly meet consumer taste needs.

The system is based on a stirred yogurt process with mixer, plate pasteurizer, homogenizer, incubation tank, and then blenders and scrape heat exchangers and homogenizer for spreadable cheese. It is fully automatic and provides an excellent alternative to a traditional process with centrifugal separator.

Cheasly SH produces soft/semi-hard cheese. It is a revolutionary technology, producing top and consistent quality ripened cheese from water, butter or butter oil and 18-20% Functional Native Milk Protein in powder. The process is a mix preparation with up to 53% dry matter in one unique mixer working under vacuum high viscosity. After mixing, the product is pasteurized and then culture and rennet dosing occurs in line. In-line salting is done prior to molding and downstream mold management, incorporating a stacker, de-stacker, de-molder and washing machine before transfer to a cutting device and ripening room. There is no milk processing, no cheese vats, no draining, no whey production and just one compact installation to produce the cheese.

Cheasly PC produces processed cheese. It uses the Cheasly SH Process with an additional homogenizer. The cheese mix is prepared from milk, 10% quark or cheese, 8-15% MPC, and butter.

Cheasly technology offers profitable benefits including:

- Reduced capital investment – Whatever the cheese range (Cheasly FC and Cheasly SH/PC) multiple products are produced from one, compact installation – maximizing the return on investment.

- Reduced running costs are realized as the process uses less energy and produces less waste. There is 100% cheese yield and no whey. It is one, ideal solution for sustainable production, easy monitoring and easy operation with minimum personnel.

- Raw material costs are free from high milk prices and availability. The process is less or not reliant on milk quality. MPC prices are relatively stable and any fluctuations have less impact with the smaller volumes required.

- Cheasly processes ensure high, consistent quality with Functional Milk Protein systems added to the mix.

Working through customer pilot plants and associated ingredient partners to secure recipe formulation, Cheasly technology has had significant success stories. The proven technology results in consistently high quality cheese produced in a process that protects the environment for the future.

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