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SPX In-line BMX Mixer for efficient, high performance mixing

SPX In-line BMX Mixer for efficient, high performance mixing

The SPX brand Gerstenberg Schröder (GS) is well known as a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment. The specific expertise in continuous butter production is complemented with technologies such as the high performance BMX Mixer.

The BMX Mixer enables direct dosing in the mixing chamber and immediate mixing of the butter. Whatever the dosing requirements (hot fat, water, salt, cultures etc.) the mixer gives high shear in a very short amount of time, ensuring excellent homogenisation of the product and, in turn, assuring product quality.

The mixer provides an operating range from 50 to 4000rpm bringing the flexibility to handle harder products. Extensive customer trials and installed operations have shown the unit to be extremely effective not only on butter but also products such as candle wax, cacao, mayonnaise and ketchup. Further flexibility is provided with a range of unit sizes and a wide selection of inlet and outlet options covering applications such as nitrogen dosing working at higher pressures.

The instant mixing of the GS Butter Mixer provides process efficiency and quality product output. This is supported by the high level hygienic design you would expect from a SPX GS product. The mixer pin and mixing house are constructed from one piece. There are no nuts, split pins or other loose parts in the unit. This ensures quick and easy Clean In Place (CIP) and prevents the possibility of failure resulting in parts entering the product mix. The design further enables easy servicing with a maximum time of around two hours to perform a complete service compared with other technologies, which may require a whole day of downtime to complete the work.

The understanding GS have of butter and other food production needs is shown in the quality and design of this Butter Mixer. The user can be confident of instant, highly homogenised mixing in the production line for superior product qualities and high process efficiency. The flexibility of the mixer makes it adaptable to a wide range of production needs and its design minimises CIP and service time and cost. This mixer is designed specifically for the food industry and to provide excellent results even with the hardest of butter products.

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