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Junghans revitalises the legend of the pilot watch at an event: the new Meister Pilot model is ready for takeoff!

Junghans revitalises the legend of the pilot watch at an event: the new Meister Pilot model is ready for takeoff!

From September 25th - 27th a special preview of the new Meister Pilot watch planned for 2016 was held at the site of the longstanding watch company. Guests received an in-depth insight into the company during an exclusive tour of the plant, as well as historic buildings that are not usually open to the public. To enjoy a flight over Schramberg in historic propeller planes, guests were first driven to the nearby airfield in extraordinary classic cars belonging to the Steim car collection. The terrace building of the watch factory in the idyllic Black Forest could subsequently be admired from a completely new, bird's eye perspective. In the evening, guests and partners from around the world had the opportunity to admire the event model of the new Meister Pilot. "The special preview event in Schramberg is a further milestone for us in the development and internationalisation of the brand," says Matthias Stotz, Managing Director of Uhrenfabrik Junghans.

The fascination of flying

The strive for boundless freedom and the fascination with adventure were key prerequisites for conquering the skies. The dream of flying led to a fascinating technical development that began with aviation pioneers such as the Wright brothers over 100 years ago, and the first successful powered flight. Junghans also made its own contribution to this history. In the 1930s, the Schramberg-based company was already producing on-board clocks for aircraft. These were constructed in Terrace 7 of the now heritage-listed terrace building, the structural form of which enabled what were then considered optimal lighting conditions for the intricate work of the watchmakers. This tradition of aviation clocks and watches was continued by the legendary Junghans Bundeswehrchronograph of 1955, developed for the West German military.

Ready for takeoff

The exclusive event model of the Meister Pilot by Junghans means that it is already possible to soar up and away this year: an unmistakable design and mechanical precision make the timepiece the perfect co-pilot for your wrist.

The event edition of the new Meister Pilot incorporates the key design elements of the legendary Junghans pilot watch of the 1950s, combining these with the soft, stylish forms of the current Meister collection. The elegant design of the case and the flowing form of the lugs focus the attention of the pilot on the large time display.

The double-sided, domed sapphire crystal provides an ideal view of the clear luminescent numerals and distinctive hands. The watch enables secure orientation even in poor lighting conditions and at night. On the dial itself, there is a bicompax chronoscope, the two totalisers of which are laid out on the 3-9 axis. The 12 distinctive, lens-like recesses on the bi-directional rotating bezel guarantee good grip and ensure the unmistakable appearance of the timepiece, which is evocative of its historic predecessor. For event visitors that appreciate detail the domed back, secured with seven screws, features a graphic illustration of the heritage-listed terrace building – from a perspective that only aviators and pilots can enjoy. The particular design principle of the front assembly lends the timepiece an unusual elegance for a pilot watch, and the lightness required for takeoff. These elements make the Meister Pilot what it is: a pilot watch that makes a big impression.

The model presented in September is exclusively reserved for participants in the event. The series model will follow in 2016.

Meister Pilot ready for departure!

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