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The Volvo FH16 stands out from the crowd

The Volvo FH16 stands out from the crowd

The Volvo FH16 has for many years been the first choice for hauliers with extra high demands on performance, efficiency, power and comfort. With the new Volvo FH16, the bar is raised to an entirely new level.

"The Volvo FH16 offers you the best power, the best driveability and the best fuel efficiency in its segment. With its excellent comfort and powerful engines, it is the right choice for hauliers and truck drivers who demand productivity and a driving experience beyond the ordinary," says Christer Pehrsson, business area manager for the long-haul transport segment at Volvo Trucks.

Maximum power output: 750 hp

For heavy haulage and long-distance operations that often cover hilly terrain, the Volvo FH16 can be equipped with Volvo Trucks' most powerful engine that produces 750 hp. High torque from low revs reduces the number of gearchanges and saves fuel. When needed, all 3 550 Nm of torque can step in to help.

"With 750 hp on tap, the truck can maintain a higher average speed even in hilly terrain, thus shortening the overall transport time. This is something that is of importance not least when transporting fresh produce," explains Christer Pehrsson, and continues:

"Fuel efficiency also increases with a more powerful engine in heavy transport duties, for instance for customers operating heavy-duty tractor units. It is profitable both for the environment and for the haulier in terms of tonnes per kilometre as well as litres of fuel consumption," says Christer Pehrsson.

Volvo FH16 - the driver's choice

The Volvo FH16 combines its excellent performance with upgraded comfort. "The standard in the Volvo FH16 is very high indeed. The cab is optimised both as a workplace and as overnight accommodation to make long days along the world's transport routes more attractive for the driver," says Christer Pehrsson.

There is no doubt that this is a truck with that little bit extra - the differences can be seen in the unique design details outside and in. A different grille, chrome detailing, special paintwork and cab side design all combine with the excellent finish to attract attention wherever the truck goes. Inside the cab too it is clear that you are sitting in a Volvo FH16: the seat, steering wheel and grab-handle are upholstered in leather and the colour scheme is unique to this model. The new Volvo FH16 will be introduced onto the European market in spring 2013.

Strengthens the haulier's image

The Volvo FH16 stands out from the crowd. "Nothing's been left to chance, every single detail has been carefully thought out. Hauliers that choose the Volvo FH16 know from previous experience that having the right truck gives their companies a positive image. The Volvo FH16 is just the truck for that job," says Christer Pehrsson.

Volvo FH16 facts

Engine options: in-line 6-cylinder 16-litre engine.

540, 600, 700 or 750 hp (750 hp also available in EEV version).

Max torque: 2 650, 2 800, 3 150 and 3 550 Nm respectively.

Gearbox: I-Shift, automated transmission.

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