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Volvo Trucks launches driver gear inspired by the new Volvo FH series

Volvo Trucks launches driver gear inspired by the new Volvo FH series

Inspired by the design of the new Volvo FH series, Volvo Trucks has produced a collection of clothing and accessories ideal for truckers and admirers of Volvo trucks.

Take the distinctive design of Volvo's new FH truck and turn it into a collection for truck drivers. That was the brief the truck designers behind the new Volvo FH and FH16 received when they set out to make ‘Volvo Trucks Driver Gear - Travis'. The result is a collection of clothes and accessories designed to meet the needs of truck drivers through functional materials and design, but which anyone who loves the open road will want to have.

Its character mirrors the unique design of the new Volvo FH series including the trucks' bold grille pattern, their expressive vertical headlamps and the distinctive lines of the FH body. Even the new FH shape, with its slightly forward-tilted, assertive front - which further sets the new Volvo FH series apart - can be seen in the form of the three jackets in the collection.

"This is all our own design. We started with a blank sheet of paper and then developed the collection in its entirety inspired by the form, colours and materials of the new Volvo FH series," says Rikard Orell, Design Director at Volvo Trucks.

Focus on truck drivers

Strong design is key to producing a new Volvo truck - every element of the vehicle from the instrument panel to the choice of materials is designed with the drivers in mind.

"When we developed the collection we wanted to focus on the specific needs of truck drivers. Drivers are important and our ambition is to make their day-to-day work both comfortable and stylish," says Rikard Orell.

The collection - which includes unique driver jackets, a performance wristwatch, and hooded sweaters - taps into the inherent appeal and cool of truckers. The various items are developed to meet the tough requirements of long-haul trips: driver jackets, for example, are mid-length and easy to wear when driving; discreet reflectors are neatly integrated into their design so drivers can be seen on the road during pit stops. Meanwhile, the jackets' all-purpose pockets and arms are designed to make it easier to move and drive.

Different items in the collection highlight different aspects of the design of the new Volvo FH. Take one of the anchor pieces in the collection - the Driver Performance Watch. The wristwatch's hands and markings echo the graphics of the instrument panel gauges of the new Volvo FH series, ensuring a unique design.

Apart from drivers' apparel the collection includes items such as scale models of the new Volvo FH and FH16 in various sizes, sleeping kits for long hauls, and gear for truckers' kids and other family members.

"We have developed a collection that feels just as unique and powerful in its design as the new Volvo FH series. A collection that both truck drivers and fans can wear with pride," says Åsa Theleen, Global Merchandise Manager at Volvo Trucks.

Web-shop opens

Volvo truck drivers and others who like the Volvo brand will be able to buy the collection straight from the Volvo Trucks online shop, which will open soon. Initially the collection will be available in selected markets in Europe. Items will also be on sale at the IAA show in Hanover, Germany on September 20-27.

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