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Agreement on the purchase of 600 new Schmitz Cargobull trailers

Agreement on the purchase of 600 new Schmitz Cargobull trailers

An agreement on the purchase of a further 600 Schmitz Cargobull trailers was signed at the transport logistic 2013 exhibition in Munich by György Wáberer, chairman – CEO of one of Europe’s largest road freight companies, Waberer’s International Pte.Co. and Andreas Schmitz, president of the European Union market leading vehicle manufacturer.

With the previously reserved number, Waberer’s deployed a total of 730 vehicles of the German company this year. The record order for the two companies’ decade long relationship in 2013 is related to Waberer’s dynamic plans of traffic expansion in Germany. The trailers with a golden-yellow Sun on a blue background have completed 10% more freights than in 2012, when transporting a total of 1 million 800 thousand tons of goods from Germany to other EU countries, and from those to Germany.

According to György Wáberer, chairman-CEO: „ the Schmitz Cargobull trailers contributed with their reliability, durability and long term value to Waberer’s International ability to continuously increase its efficiency of operations, revenues and markets shares”. The two companies co-conduct technological developments for the highest satisfaction of the needs of freight companies. A good example of that is the development of the trailer’s extendible corner column technology, which allows a more efficient way of pellet based goods loading onto the entire width of the vehicle. Schmitz Cargobull developed the manufacturing technology of Waberer’s unmistakable tilt-design, and in the Germany manufacturer’s portfolio the colour code of the tilt appears as “Waberer’s blue”, also indicating the close relationship.

The standardized high quality production of Schmitz Cargobull, the innovations resulting in the decrease of operational costs and the directly offered beneficial financing constructions all play a role in Waberer’s ability to decrease the logistical costs of its customers in all the markets of Europe” – stressed György Wáberer.

The Waberer’s fleet of more than 3000 truck-trailers is comprised of almost solely Schmitz Cargobull trailers. Since the beginning of the European economic crisis Waberer’s have purchased some two and a half thousand of these vehicles. This year’s procurement surpasses the number of deployed units in the especially difficult financial year of 2011 by a 100.

In order to realize this year’s dynamic market penetrating plans, Waberer’s executes ten thousand euro investments, of which the purchase of the trailers is only a part.

The purchase of over 700 new trucks is also part of the program. In terms of freight equipment Waberer’s likes to lean on German technology: a significant part of the trucks are MAN produced, of which the 1000th was just deployed a few months ago. All of Waberer’s trucks are powered by environmental Euro 5 engines, but the company is already testing the first vehicles equipped with Euro 6 engines. The company’s administrative employees travel with Opel fleet cars.

The German market is already the most important market of Waberer’s International Pte.Co. after the Hungarian. Around 25% of its revenues are related to customers in Germany. There are almost 700 Waberer’s truck-trailers in or through Germany daily, 1100 vehicles are loading at German sites weekly. The truck-trailers of Waberer’s complete 90 million kilometres annually on German roads, for which Waberer’s pays 15 million Euros in tolls annually to Germany .

The majority of freight tasks from Hungary to Germany are made up of products manufactured in the Hungarian factories of international companies. Waberer’s export commissions from Germany to other European countries are typically for global companies in the fields of car manufacturing, electronics, FCMG and cosmetics; including large brands such as Audi, SSI Schäfer, Electrolux DE, Beiersdorf AG and Unilever. The services, tailored to the needs of German costumers, are aided by Waberer’s Deutschland. Colleagues at the Munich office, equipped with up to date local market knowledge, personally oversee the quality of service.

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