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Increase in Waberer’s commissions before the Olympics

Increase in Waberer’s commissions before the Olympics

Waberer's International's revenue data indicates that with its services, Europe's sixth largest road freight company is actively participating in the preparations for the London Olympics. The company is continuously experiencing an increase in freight commissions from European countries to routes to Great Britain, it also registered a growth in freight from Hungary to Great Britain. Previous records show a 20% overall increase and a 10% increase in freight from Hungary in all UK-bound commissions.

In the months leading up to the Olympics an average of 400 more Waberer's truck-trailers have unloaded their cargo in the UK than last year. Most of the cargo were preserved foodstuff, home electronics or car parts. There was a growth in construction materials carried to Great Britain by the truck-trailers of Waberer's.

80% of Waberer's freight from the Continent to the UK went through the Channel Tunnel. The vehicles equipped with eco-friendly Euro 5 engines have used the Channel Tunnel over 30 thousand times during the last year, and saved the environment from thousands of tons of greenhouse effect emissions.

This year Waberer's is placing special focus on its five most important markets which-along with Hungary, Germany, France and Italy- includes Great Britain.

The company also this year plans to increase its partake in the operating in the FMCG sector supply chain of Europe, by obtaining the commissions for the freight tasks of preserved foodstuff and household chemicals.

The excess freight tasks related to the London Olympics have proved Waberer's asset management strategy successful, which meant that the fleet of 2500 truck-trailers quality improvement with a focus on traditional pellet based goods.

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