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New CFO at Waberer’s International Inc

New CFO at Waberer’s International Inc

György Wáberer appointed dr. Erzsébet Antal as the new Chief Financial Officer at Waberer’s International Inc. Being a highly experienced professional in the field of financial and business management of large organizations and multinational companies, her primary mission is to further improve the efficiency and prepare the IPO of Europe’s sixth largest road freight company.

Born in Ajka, dr. Erzsébet Antal obtained her university degree and masters at the Budapest University of Economics, and continued her studies in the fields of financial management and bank financing at the University of Exeter, in England, and later at the Swinburne University in Australia.

Her career begun at MALÉV. At the Hungarian national airline she acted in almost all positions from flight attendant to CEO. After that she became the financial manager and member of the Executive Board at Tesco Global Inc. A year ago she started her own consulting firm, Nobel Management Consulting in Budapest.

Géza Czakó, Waberer’s International Inc.’s previous financial director, as of 1. December 2012. – while retaining his position on the board – will act as the general manager of WNEW Ltd., a company managing György Wáberer’s interests. His role in his new position will be to optimize the management and improve the profitability of, additionally to shares in Waberer’s International, 15 logistics and real estate development companies. Not counting the international freight company, the annual revenues for those enterprises reach HUF 25 billion.

The 56 year old professional joined Waberer’s predecessor, Volán Tefu Corp. in 1995. As a financial director he participated in the company’s modernization, and the development of its successful management, with the conduct of over 30 acquisitions, including Hungarocamion Corp. He is Waberer’s Holding’s Chief Financial Director from 2005, and from 2010 to November 2012 Deputy General Manager of Finances at Waberer’s International Inc.

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