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Significant staff and fleet expansion - After a successful 2012, distinctive growth of revenues planned for 2013

After a successful 2012, distinctive growth of revenues planned for 2013

Building on the results of fiscal 2012, a more ambitious business plan than ever was approved for this year by the board of Waberer’s International Pte. Co. This comes as one of Europe’s defining companies in road freight was able to increase its revenues against the stagnant international freight market circumstances, with reaching 377.5 million Euros in 2012. The EBIDTA results surpassed last year’s by 10%, adding up to 52.4 million Euros. The company employs 4200 staff members.

Again in the last fiscal year the company was able to increase its operational effectiveness. With cleansing its freight portfolio, it primarily increased the quality of services in the transport of traditional pallet based goods, and increased its presence in the freight market of dry goods and home cleaning products. The company experienced a growth in market share in the most important Western European regions: the number of average weekly loads was 1100 in Germany, 650 in France, 500 in Italy and 550 in the UK. Additionally to the key European destinations the company regularly delivers to Asia Minor, the Middle-East and the countries along the Silk Road. The load index stabilized above 90%. In 2012 the total freight kilometer completed by the fleet was more than the distance between the Earth and the Sun and back.

Waberer’s International upgraded its fleet with the purchase of 700 new trucks and 500 new trailers, and expanded its size last year by 130 vehicles. As part of the company’s three-year IT development program, it continued the upgrade of the telemetric and corporate governance systems. Additionally to the dynamic organic growth the company has also completed and prepared acquisitions. The integration of internationally successful Hungarian-owned Transpont Hungaria Ltd. was completed and the acquisition of the majority of Szemerey Transport Inc, a homeland market leader in refrigerated freight closed at the beginning of 2013. Even with those purchases the rate of the company’s own capital to its external debt almost doubled.

The changes in the company structure in recent years, the optimization of the goods handling processes and freight management have created the conditions for Waberer’s International Ltd. to significantly increase its sales revenues and results compared to the past years. The business plan dictates an exceptionally steep increase in revenues and an upper two-digit increase for the EBIDTA results. Amidst the barely growing European industrial output and the foreseeable stagnating of the supply chain, the engine of the company’s progress is the continuous development of efficiency, which is followed by the expansion of both the fleet and the staff. Together all these enable Waberer’s to decrease its costumer’s logistical expanses to a higher rate than its competitors on the international market.

Waberer’s International Pte. Co. has switched to Euro-based accounting, partially because the majority of its revenues are in that currency, and partially to decrease the risks related to the volatile Euro-Forint rates. The management of the company’s cash flow in Euros also contributes to the preparations for the company’s planned IPO.

Additionally to the continuous development of the conditions for a dynamic organic growth the company will continue the exploration of further acquisition targets both in Hungary and in other Central-European countries.

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