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Waberer’s: Energetic revenue and efficiency growth in the first half of 2013

Waberer’s: Energetic revenue and efficiency growth in the first half of 2013

More and more European freight commissioners are optimizing their logistic expenses with the services of Waberer’s International – this is proven by the performance results of 2013’s first six months of Europe’s determining road freight company. The company’s revenues compared to the same period last year with a 17.4% growth have surpassed 216 million Euros. During the term, due to the dynamic trade offensive, and as a result of the more than 43 million-Euro investments into the modernization of the fleet and the IT system there was a rise in the results primarily stemming from the increase of cost-effectiveness: the EBITDA has surpassed the results of the first half of 2012 by 33% and neared 30 million Euros. Traditionally the company recycles its profits into the modernization of operations and into developments, which are to increase effectiveness.

In the high, two-digit growth of the revenues and results, and in the expansion of the number of employees by some 1000, the performance consolidation of two acquisitions (the locally operating Szemerey Transport Ltd. and Transpont Hungaria Co.) at the end of last year have played a role, but the driving force behind Waberer’s growth will remain the organic progress. The number of new customers by several hundreds and the total driven kilometers by almost 20% had increased and the freight performance, with a 15% growth, had reached 2.3 billion tonne-kilometres.

In all of the company’s major Western European markets there was an increase in the number of loads, which in the 6-month period closed on 142 thousand. The revenues from the freight from Italy to other European destinations had the largest increase, by 12%, and the number of loads in Germany, France and the United Kingdom all surpassed the results from the same period last year by 7% each.

In June the company signed a contract about the purchase of 600 trailers with the German Schmitz Cargobull. With the previously reserved number, this year Waberer’s will deploy 730 new vehicles of the German company. For the uninterrupted service of the costumers, Waberer’s continuously expands and revitalizes its stock of trucks. Waberer’s moves the goods of customers exclusively with trucks equipped with environmental Euro 5 and Euro EEV environmentally rated engines. In the first half of 2013 they have completed a total of 185 million kilometers on the roads of Europe. Within the company, complying with next year’s environmental norms a truck equipped with Euro 6 engine is running already on the roads.

György Wáberer, Chairman-CEO has set the continuation of the growth strategy as a goal. To this end in the remainder of the year there will be further significant truck procurement in order to further modernize the fleet and the IT and telematics systems will be updated for the increase of the quality of service and operational effectiveness.

Additionally to increasing the organic growth the company will keep seeking new acquisition targets, for which small and medium freight enterprises of the region are in the bull’s eye.

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