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Waberer’s expands also in the domestic marketplace

Waberer’s expands also in the domestic marketplace

Waberer's Logistics Ltd – entirely owned by Waberer’s International Zrt Inc. - and Szemerey Transport Inc. unify their complex logistics services and create Hungary’s largest domestic logistic power. The transaction will be realized through the exchange of company shares and stocks.

Waberer’s Logistics Ltd., one of Hungary’s most important players in logistics will obtain 60% of Szemerey Transport Inc.’s stocks, and the leader of the Hungarian refrigerated freight and distribution market will obtain control over 40% of Waberer’s Logistics Ltd.’s shares. The agreement including the above was signed by György Wáberer and Lóránd Szemerey in Budapest, while the documentation regarding the licensing process of the transaction was submitted to the Hungarian Competition Authority.

Though the two companies will continue to operate under their own name and organization, the joint ownership structure will allow the optimization of tools, storages and loading areas, procurement and operation and partner relations. The two companies, with a joint annual revenue of HUF 20 billion, will further their competitiveness by relying on each other’s best practices.

The two fleets containing 700 vehicles are able to satisfy all the domestic logistics needs of refrigerated, fresh and dry goods to the highest standards. The two companies employ over a thousand logistics experts.

The acquisition will strengthen Szemerey Transport Inc.’s resources necessary to the further expansion on the field of refrigerated foods logistics. In its procurement the company will enjoy the price benefits provided by Waberer’s Inc. as well as the competitive advantages of Waberer’s advanced freight organizational system and IT platform.

The capacities of Waberer’s Logistics Ltd. will be expanded by the fleet units of Szemerey Transport Inc, and will join the service of the 6000 retail units supplied by Szemerey Inc with dry goods. The harmonizing of fleet management, freight organization and route optimizing abilities will further improve Waberer’s Logistics Ltd.’s competitiveness, by increasing the load rate, and freight performance, and by fully utilizing the logistical capacities.

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