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Waberer’s International improves its results in the first six months

Waberer’s International improves its results in the first six months

Waberer’s International has reached its target set for the first six months of the year 2012 – stated the company board during its Budapest meeting

The company’s EBDITA neared € 21 million, which meant an 11% growth compared to the same time period in 2011. This is a result of an improvement in almost all of the company’s efficiency indicators despite the economical difficulties of both the Hungarian and European freight market. Maintaining the growth, sales revenues have surpassed € 185 million; there was an increase in the number of vehicles, as well as in the number of completed freight kilometers with a load over 90%, and the average number of employees. The company loan was € 3 million less in July, 2012, than in the same time period last year. The company spent € 27 million on fleet infrastructure and € 1.5 million on other investments – for example information technology.

The truck-trailer fleet has completed over 147.5 million kilometers on the roads of Europe, 6 million more than last year. Freight efficiency closed on 2 billion goods/tons-kilometers. The number of freight vehicles was expanded with 86 truck-trailers equipped with the newest technologies according to EURO5 norms, while in the meantime the fleet continuous to be upgraded to similarly economical and environmental truck-trailers. To respond to the increased work, the company has created over 200 new workplaces in the first six month of 2012, while decreased the number of administrative staff per truck-trailer. With these indicators Waberer’s has further strengthened its principal position in the European road freight market.

Waberer’s sales offensive remains successful in 2012. The company focuses on satisfying the freight needs of its most important European markets, additionally to Hungary, Germany, Great-Britain, France and Italy. The company has increased its part in the FMCG supply chain, primarily in the freight tasks of preserved foods and household chemicals. This strategy was proven by among others an increase in Waberer’s freight commissions from European countries to Great-Britain before the London Olympics. A great part of the freight goods were preserved foods, home electronics and car parts. Compared to the first half of 2011, Waberer’s completed overall 20% more and from Hungary 10% more freight commissions to the UK. In the months leading up to the Olympics, a monthly average of 400 more truck-trailers unloaded in Great Britain, than the same time last year.

An important development of the first six months was the singing of 75 million euro, three-year-long strategic agreement between Waberer’s International and AB Electrolux. In the future, Waberers’ fleet will continue to complete most of Electrolux’ commissions. The truck-trailers of Waberer’s’ will carry Electrolux’s equipment manufactured in Hungary to the markets of the European Union, and will complete the freight between Electrolux’s sites in Germany, Italy, Spain,

Poland, Sweden, France, Finland and England. This means 2500 full loads and 300 million completed kilometers annually. The results of this agreement will be apparent in the second half of the year.

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