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Waberer’s International increases its acquisitions

Waberer’s International increases its acquisitions

Waberer’s is speeding up its growth by acquisitions. The company, which had around 30 acquisitions of freight companies since its establishment, has been growing organically in the last few years resulting in dynamics that surpassed the norm of the industry in Europe. Its EBITDA results show a 15-20% yearly growth in average (In 2011, 20% more than the previous years, in the first half of 2012, 11% compared to the previous time period), and its sales revenues maintained an 11% growth (2011: EUR 373 million, 2010: EUR 331 million). György Waberer, president and CEO, aims to further these accomplishments: in the medium term, he aims to double the company’s sales revenues even by acquisitions. The targets are small and medium road transportation enterprises, both regional and Hungarian.

The first transaction of the year is already completed and the Hungarian Competition Authority has approved already. Waberer’s International will obtain 51% of the Hungarian owned international freight company, Transport Hungaria. In 2011 the company reached 2.2 billion in sales revenues, which is almost the double of last year’s. Its 70 truck-trailers, equipped with EURO5 engines, completed over 10 million kilometers on the roads of Europe loaded with dry goods and standard stock load.

The next, already identified, acquisition target is the market leader in its own segment in Hungary. The company, which is mostly, optimized for the freight of food industry products, and has hundreds of specialized truck-trailers, is owned by Hungarian individuals. The annual sales revenue of the company is firmly around 10 billion.

Along with its acquisitions, Waberer’s International will further increase its trade offence in the countries of the European Union. There is a special emphasize on five of its most important markets: along with Hungary the freight needs of, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Italy will be served.

100 modern truck-trailers of the company’s fleet and 250 experienced new employees will be dedicated to this goal, as well as continuous upgrading of fleet. The company’s growth strategy puts a special focus on the upgrade of IT and telematics system, which allows for an increase in services quality and operational effectiveness.

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