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Waberer’s International Pte.Co. purchased Hungary’s first Euro 6 DAF tractor

Waberer’s purchased Hungary’s first Euro 6 DAF tractor

Waberer’s International Pte.Co. purchased Hungary’s, and one of Europe’s first DAF tractors equipped with Euro 6 engines. The XF type vehicle equipped with 460 hp PACCAR MX-13 engines was presented to Ferenc Lajkó, deputy CEO by József Pais, managing director at Hungarotruck Ltd.

One of Europe’s largest road freight companies received the vehicle from the first series of the manufactured tractors, which adequately respond to the environmental norms mandatory from 2014. This tractor will go under a variety of trials related to long-haul freight transport in the next few months. Waberer’s will base next year’s procurement decisions on operational experiences.

To Waberer’s International Pte.Co., a company dedicated to the environment, it’s important that of the Euro 6 DAF XF tractors’ 12 900 cm3 engines emit less pollutants than a 50 cm3 scooter.

Since, as of 2014 the European Union will only allow the sale of Euro 6 type tractors, the freight company dedicates great attention to the test results. The decision will be influenced by the fact that while due to the built-in environmental technologies the new class product weights 180 kilograms more than the DAF Euro5 and Euro 5 EEV, its fuel consumption is not more than of those.

DAF Truck, a market leader in Hungary for 5 years is one of Waberer’ International Pte.Co.’s largest tractor supplier. Third of the company’s fleet, comprised of 3000 units is made up of the brand’s Euro5 and Euro EEV class vehicles. Based on the experiences of one of Europe’s largest road freight companies, these tractors are reliable, their maintenance needs are low, their value is steady and the drivers like to work with them as their cabins are spacious and comfortable and are easy to handle.

The new DAF was developed with maximized transport effectives, operational costs and optimized performance in mind, as the 85-year-old company’s largest investment and development program in its history. The new type is manufactured with new chassis, new driveline and new external appearance.

All of the, also new PACCAR engines utilize high-pressure injection systems, optimized fuel injection, a turbo with variable geometry and other innovative technological solutions in order to maximize effectiveness including encased harnesses and advanced motor control.

The sophisticated exhaust-treatment systems serve maximum effectiveness and lower fuel consumption.

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