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Trusted Data for the entire supply chain


“We manage 81% of all global transactions – quite a share of the market,” says CEO Nihat Arkan. 1WorldSync works globally, and the more data it collects, the more valuable its services are to clients. The company is also in a position to consolidate the data management process.

“It is not only a matter of quantity, but also of quality,” the CEO points out. “A lot of the data out there is wrong and misleading. We want to manage and distribute data our clients can trust. Therefore, we receive data directly from the brand owners and distribute it consistently on a global level, with reliable technology and value-added services.”

1WorldSync takes the data behind bar codes, and manages, validates and enriches it with reliable information such as measurements, weights, allergens, regulations and sustainability data, photos and videos. The data is then delivered to recipients including distributors and retailers, e-commerce companies and mobile application providers.

The company can meet the needs for trusted data with everyone in the supply chain, as well as the consumer. In addition, 1WorldSync helps brand owners track marketing effectiveness in real time by seeing what products their customers are viewing and sharing, as well as where the activity is taking place.

Suppliers and manufacturers appreciate 1WorldSync services, especially in times of getting prepared for more regulations, such as the EU Food regulation 1169/2011. It is part of 1WorldSync’s declared goal to move digital identification online.

“When you do an online search, you end up with a lot of results,” Mr. Arkan explains. “We need unique identification. That is not only true for the retail market, but also in health care. When there is a recall of a heart implant chip, for example, it might be in use even six months later because there are three separate identifications for it. There is a global standard for this kind of information, and we can provide our customers with that data on a global level.”

1WorldSync currently has more than 200 employees, showing headcount growth of 7 to 10 % since the company’s creation just one year ago. Third parties are also involved with the company on a project basis. 1WorldSync’s annual turnover amounts to 50 to 100 million USD. The company has shown healthy growth, cash flow and investment plans.

1WorldSync is a joint venture of the German SA2Worldsync GmbH and the American 1SYNC Inc., in which both companies were active globally prior to the merger. The corporate headquarters are located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA, and Cologne, Germany, and the company has staff in nine countries.

All told, more than 15,000 clients are served in over 50 countries, and the number of users is much higher than that, expanding on a constant basis. More than 60% of 1WorldSync’s business is in the US, and nearly a third in the EU, with another 10% in the Asia-Pacific region, amongst others. More than 20 countries use the company’s technology exclusively, demonstrating the maturity of the market.

For the future, 1WorldSync plans to move stronger into the healthcare market. The company already took the first steps into that direction in 2012. “Healthcare organizations and hospitals in the US have started working with us,” says the CEO. “The ball is in the field now.”

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