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Integrated service solutions


Elektro-Dynamo was founded in 1943 and will be celebrating its 70th anniversary later this year. It started out as a family-owned and run company but today is part of AxIndustries, which in turn is owned by Axel Johnson International.

Acting CEO and CFO Vasko Markovski has been with Elektro-Dynamo for the past two years and says it is a particularly exciting time for the business: “We are currently pursuing a clear strategy of growth and have enjoyed average growth of 10% each year for the past decade. This has come mainly as a result of acquisitions so that Elektro-Dynamo now has locations in six cities throughout southern Sweden.”

The company employs 60 people in total and generates annual turnover of eleven million EUR. “The goal is to grow by 15% on average over the next three to five years, first covering the central and northern part of Sweden, followed by expansion into other Nordic countries,” outlines Mr. Markovski. “There is strong demand for our services that we hope to exploit to the full.”

Elektro-Dynamo offers flexible 24-hour service that focuses on complete maintenance solutions. The services offered include dismantling, rewinding, laser alignment and balancing. “We can balance huge items up to 1 t in weight in our own workshop,” says Mr. Markovski. The company is also certified in accordance with the ATEX directive for the maintenance and repair of ABB engines that are safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Very few of its direct competitors also boast this certification.

“Furthermore, we are as independent as possible and do not have exclusive links with any one brand,” adds Mr. Markovski. “This allows us to offer our clients impartial advice, and we are free to use whichever we decide is the most appropriate part for the job.”

A major trend in the industry at present is the marketing of energy rated products. This is a big issue for its clients and society as a whole. Social responsibility and environmental issues are important marketing arguments in Sweden, and it is important that companies do them more than just lip service.

“Our technical expertise allows our customers to operate machinery at peak efficiency for minimum environmental impact and maximum cost efficiency, concludes Mr. Markovski.

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