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Quality on the safe side


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Quality control has become a key part of automotive engineering – and for good reason, too. “It is very expensive for a car manufacturer to first deliver a vehicle and then have it returned with faults that have to be remedied,” points out André Bousser, President of AB Serve. “It makes far more sense to invest a bit more in quality control than carry out repairs at a later date.”

AB Serve aims to support its customers in achieving their quality targets. The company’s dedicated teams of experts develop reliable and sustainable solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements. Its comprehensive range of inspection and quality management services enables AB Serve to contribute to the continuous improvement of manufacturing standards.

“Naturally, zero defect is hard to achieve,” admits Mr. Bousser. “Due to our full commitment and our professional attitude, our clients are very satisfied.”

AB Serve has been providing corrective and preventive services in the fields of inspection and quality management for over 15 years now. The focus has been on the automotive industry so far, but the company has been making efforts to diversify and has started serving different industries in recent years.

“It is a development that involves our operations both in terms of substance and geographically,” the President adds. “It has actually led to the establishment of the AB Serve Group with its different core areas.”

The history of AB Serve dates back to 1996, when Robert Vaglio and André Bousser established a service company for the steel industry. Thanks to the quality and high standard of workmanship they offered, the company grew and prospered, and services were expanded to include quality assurance.

In 2004, a holding company was created in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg under the name of ARPAAN, later renamed the AB Serve Group. In 2008, the group was able to set up a subsidiary dedicated to quality control in Morocco, and in 2011 a similar subsidiary was established in Tunisia, along with a Moroccan base for the original business to provide services to the steel industry.

All companies organized within the holding serve the manufacturing sector and heavy industry, providing services in the fields of quality control, industrial logistics, metrology, compliance, steel co-products treatment, scrap yard management and refractory maintenance.

In all, the AB Serve Group has nearly 600 employees today and also includes an internal training center as well as a temporary employment agency. Its modern head office in Woippy boasts 800 m² of office space, an equivalent area of warehouses and a 3D metrology laboratory.

The group’s total turnover amounts to 28 million EUR per year, 20 million EUR of which is generated by AB Serve alone. “AB Serve is still the first and leading company of the group in terms of staff and business volume,” comments Mr. Bousser. “The company has its own subsidiaries in Morocco and – since recently – in Germany, where we hold a 40% share that should double next year.”

Since AB Serve moved to its new, modern premises in 2011, it has successfully expanded into new markets, for example the aeronautics and crystal glass-making industries. Thanks to the power of its 3D metrology laboratory and the recruitment of the requisite skills, the company is able to offer corresponding outsourcing services and offer industrial world experts to support clients’ engineering projects.

Experienced metrologists meet any two and three-dimensional measurement requirements. Supplied parts inspection to protect production lines, firewalls on finished goods, quality analysis and reconditioning are further examples of services that contribute to industrial process optimization. Manufacturers need to be on the safe side today, so AB Serve’s President sees great potential for a company that has gained an excellent reputation for reliability, efficiency, fair pricing and transparency of cost management. “The group’s solidity and multidisciplinary skills are additional assets,” says Mr. Bousser. “We anticipate further growth on an international scale.”

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