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Roadside emergencies caused by bursting tires are more frequent than most people realize. Statistics show that in the US alone about seven punctures occur every second, resulting in 220 million flat tires per year.

The likelihood of drivers experiencing a flat tire during their driving history is quite high, depending of course, on how much and where they drive. In any case, they need to be prepared. The conventional spare tire and tools required to carry out a roadside repair burden the vehicle by up to 50 kg, which results in extra fuel consumption.

About 16% of all global emissions stem from automobile emissions. Considering that the worldwide production of new vehicles is running into billions every year, replacing the  spare wheel by lighter repair solutionsis not just an economic factor, but also an environmental necessity. Vehicles equipped with a light and compact Active Tools tire repair solution reduce CO2 emissions by about 10 g/km CO2 and contribute to greener driving.

“All governments are determined to get the automotive industry to produce cars with cleaner engines,” points out Allen Hong, Marketing Director. “Eliminating the need for the bulky spare tire helps to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.”

Space, of course, is another factor in favour of the company’s alternative roadside tire repair solutions. “The big manufacturers are now redesigning their cars without the space for a spare tire,” says Mr. Hong. “Our kit measures around 30 cm and is normally placed in the position where the old spare wheel used to be. We have different models, because each car is different and has different tires.”

Based on a ‘green’ formulation, the Active Tools tire sealant is biodegradable and can be rinsed off the tire – and the motorist’s skin – using water only. It causes  neither rust nor corrosion on any type of rim and does not contain any toxic or flammable ingredients.

The water and microfiber-based sealant is pumped into the damaged tire. Then the fine particles encircle the puncture by forming an extremely fine mesh that is strong enough to seal off a hole up to 6.35 mm, which corresponds to the international automotive requirement.

“Our repair solutions have been tested under real driving conditions,” adds Mr. Hong. “We found that you can drive about 1,000 km once the tire has been repaired. We recommend, however, checking the tire after about 200 km.”

Anyone who has ever had to change a tire by the roadside – especially in wet and cold weather – will appreciate a tire repair technology that is safe, fast and easy to use for the motorist. Active Tools offers two different types of tire sealant, Valve-Through and Valve-Out.

Valve-Through is injected directly into the tire without removing the valve core, which makes the repair process fast and easy. When the sealant is pumped into the tire, the tire is inflated as the air pressure is used to push the sealant towards the puncture. As a result the sealant fibers form an extremely fine mesh that is strong enough to seal off the hole immediately.

To apply the Valve-Out tire sealant the motorist has to remove the valve core by means of the built-in valve remover. The tire is then inflated by air pressure and the sealant pushed towards the puncture, where the sealant fibers build up a matrix of crystals to block the hole off quickly and efficiently.

The future of roadside tire repair is quickly moving towards meeting market demands for more fuel-efficient, environmentally responsive and cost-effective vehicles.

Active Tools is at the forefront of this development and provides automotive manufacturers with innovative flat tire solutions and technologies designed to reduce vehicle material costs, mass and labour costs. The internationally operating enterprise offers optimized alternatives to the conventional, rather cumbersome tire repair and not only serves the automotive industry, but also the motorcycle, cycling, recreational vehicle and sporting goods industries.

Active Tools unites German engineering and world class TÜV-certified ISOTS16949 Chinese manufacturing facilities. The company’s full range of AirMAN® tire repair kits and inflators is available to retail consumers worldwide, along with customer service and engineering.

With distribution centers in Germany, China and the USA, support is available on a global basis. Originally established in Denmark in 1996, Active Tools is a member of Winners Products Engineering today, and a truly multinational enterprise with 800 employees and an annual turnover between 50 and 60 million USD.

The world’s leading automotive companies such as Audi, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, PSA and Volkswagen put their trust in Active Tools tire repair technology and confirm its leading global position.

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