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Address SRL was founded with the mission to add value to its clients’ investments in marketing communications through a partnership based on transparency. The company specializes in tailor made solutions that take individual situations fully into account. The goal may be to increase sales or a new product launch. Whatever it is, Address comes up with the strategy and chooses the channels. For specific advertising materials it works with trusted partners.

“You won’t find a cookie cutter approach to advertising strategy here,” insists CEO Fabrizio Serri. “We go back to the drawing board for every customer and start right at the beginning with a completely individual strategy.”

Address SRL sees its strengths in marketing strategy, buying and media selection. “Our approach focuses on identifying the target group for the product or service we want to promote and determining how best to address and reach that audience,” continues Mr. Serri. As well as classic advertising channels, Address also exploits the possibilities offered by digital media.

“Thanks to digital media, many of the old advertising rules have been thrown out,” notes General Manager Elisabetta Tadiello, who shares responsibility for strategy and analysis with Mr. Serri. “Digital technology moves incredibly quickly and new digital media are certainly on the horizon. We are currently in a transitional phase. E-commerce is both the present reality and the future as its influence spreads.”

Address has its own vision for the future; one that will see it become the biggest media center for tailor-made media in Italy. “Today, we are number eight in the market,” says President and company founder Giorgio Maino. “But our ultimate goal is not to be the biggest, but the best.”

Address targets small and medium sized Italian companies rather than big multinationals. “Our customer base is vast and diverse for the simple reason that there are a lot more small and medium-sized companies than there are large ones,” says Ms. Tadiello. “Our consultants manage customer accounts worth a relatively modest three million EUR at most,” adds Mr. Serri. “This is a figure at which it is easy to maintain an overview but that demands creativity.”

The creativity of its consultants is a key asset. “Good people are expensive to hire but they are worth their weight in gold and their remuneration reflects that,” insists Mr. Serri. “All of our employees participate in a profit-sharing scheme that sees 50% of our annual profits shared among the workforce.”

We believe in having flat hierarchies and giving people the space they need to be creative. Elisabetta TadielloGeneral Manager

Address does not believe in short term contracts and even interns are offered permanent positions after six months. As a result the company has grown from just five employees in 2015 to 32 today. “We offered contracts to eight interns over the past two years and look to recruit self-motivated and talented individuals who can be entrusted with real responsibility as quickly as possible,” says Ms. Tadiello. “We believe in having flat hierarchies and giving people the space they need to be creative.”

In return, Address can rely on the absolute commitment of its team, even to the extent of working at weekends if a deadline is looming. “Service, curiosity and passion are our keywords,” observes Mr. Maino. “People have to want to the best job they can do. Our consultants are revered throughout the industry. Plenty of other companies try to poach them from us but they stay because Address has positioned itself as the most innovative player in the market; and the most dynamic.”

The prospects for further increases in turnover and staffing are strong as the market at present is growing on the back of stiff competition from all quarters. “Companies know that they have to invest in marketing activities in order to gain or maintain a competitive advantage,” says Mr. Serri. “They come to us because they want to know that their money has been invested well. Our results speak for themselves. We have never lost a customer.” Ms. Tadiello concurs, “There is a lot that we do better than anyone else. We listen to customers rather than proscribe and are happy when they want to know more.”

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