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Projecting success in audio and video systems


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Businesses are not the only ones who require top-of-the-line audio and video systems. Where would modern home entertainment be without state-of-the-art audio and video systems? There would be no pleasure in Super Bowl or World Cup parties, no at-home cinema experience, no music to set the mood for dates, dinners or holiday get-togethers. The latest ultramodern audio and video equipment is in high demand at home and in professional settings.

Adeo Group spa is a provider of both professional and home audio and video systems and through its subsidiary Adeo Screen Sp z.o.o. in Poland is a leading manufacturer of projection screens. “We offer all sorts of professional projection screen systems, many different projection surfaces, necessary for presentations and video projections at universities, companies and professional-grade home cinemas,” says Paolo Gadotti, Founder and CFO of Adeo Group Spa Italy and CEO of Adeo Screen Sp Z.o.o. Poland.

Among its more recent innovations, Adeo Group has designed and developed an innovative professional home cinema system, which will be implemented and offered in hotels as an entertainment service for guests. “We have agreements with film studios, film production companies in Hollywood and streaming services for the development of small cinema packages to create hotel movie theaters for about ten viewers,” Mr. Gadotti describes the new creation: “These private movie theaters, which we’ll be offering to hotels under the brand Adeum Cinema Suite, will allow them to offer current films at the same time as cinemas throughout the city.”

Adeo Screen produces a huge variety of rolling screens, projection surfaces, framed and fixed screens. “We are a leading producer and distributor of home and professional solutions throughout Europe,” Mr. Gadotti points out. “Our biggest direct customers are distributors and system integrators for professional grade home cinemas, audio and video systems. Our projection screens are very popular and successful among famous film companies, wealthy clients and famous directors.”

Paolo Gadotti, Founder and CFO of Adeo Group Spa
We’re a leading producer and distributor of home and professional audio and video systems and home cinema equipment in Italy and Europe. Paolo GadottiFounder and CFO

Adeo Groups spa Italy was established in Lavis, Italy near Trento in 1989 as the exclusive distributor of the brand Sanyo, a leading specialist in video products, which was taken over by Panasonic in the 1990s. In 2006, Adeo Group sought to expand its production site and made investments.

Trento proved unsuitable for the group, however, so it looked abroad and fond Zlotoryja, Poland, where it still operates its production facilities as Adeo Screen Sp Z.o.o. a 100% subsidiary of the group. The acquisition of the French company Screen Research in 2010 allowed the group to broaden its horizons even further.

“The company was and still is a leading provider of state-of- the-art video projection screens designed for custom home theaters and commercial – and professional cinema applications,” Mr. Gadotti notes. “All of the projection screen systems we design at Screen Research, are produced at our Polish facilities.”

The group’s R&D and design activities take place at the headquarters in Italy. The vast majority of its suppliers are Italian, a decision made after comparing other suppliers from other countries in Europe. “The best design and the best quality equipment is still produced by our long-standing suppliers in the domestic market,” Mr. Gadotti says.

25% of Adeo’s projection screens are exported to Italy, 25% stay in the domestic market Poland, and the remaining 50% are sent to international customers, largely in Europe. With 25 employees at the group’s headquarters in Italy and an additional 23 at Adeo Screen, Adeo is confident about its future endeavors. “All of my partners and I needed great passion and a lot of effort to invest in and establish an important production facility for video projection screens in Poland,” Mr. Gadotti says. “We are happy and proud of this investment and that the equipment produced there is if the highest quality with huge success. We are also pleased that we can count on our young, well-trained Polish employees.”

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