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Style savers


Adesso had its launch in 2002 as a fashion wholesaler and has developed over the past decade into a network of retail stores. By 2006 it had 100 shops in operation and by 2008 it had doubled that figure. Owned by the Polish Redan Group, which focuses on fashion retail networks and textile market discounters, Adesso employs 1,600 people, 60 of whom work at its headquarters in Andrychów, 60 km west of the capital city of Krakow.

“We have a very unique concept based on extensive searching of the European and Far East markets for stock left from fashion companies,” says Lech Przemieniecki, Chairman of the Board. “Unlike classical fashion companies, we can change our offer even weekly”. Mr. Przemieniecki has been CEO for two one and a half years and has been successful at improving the company’s performance significantly from 2012 to 2013.

“We sell our products through the shops and what we have on offer changes constantly.” TXM textilmarket has built its success to the tune of 59 million EUR annually, a figure that is growing exponentially based on rising demand.

The company’s concept includes sales of a wide range of clothing for the whole family, from women and men to infants, children and teens.

It also offers home and lifestyle accessories and small household goods at its stores. Unlike similar stores, TXM textilmarket is able to bring sales of seasonable clothing to its customers at the right time – when they need them. “We are doing a brisk business of winter clothes right now, and underwear, stockings socks and basics are big throughout the year,” Mr. Przemieniecki says.

Adesso carries a wide variety of international brands, including locallyknown brands such as Gatta, Moraj or Szata the very well known Polish brands for stockings and underwear. Each store is designed to be around 200 m3, a mid-size shop fitting the nature of the small towns where they reside.

TXM is able to buy large stocks of clothing with well negotiated prices and is able to pass the prices on to the customer at 20 to 40% below the competition. The company’s marketing efforts focuses on this key fact – its ability to bring functional clothing at nice prices and high quality.

“It is our mission to sell fashionable clothes at great prices for the whole family,” Przemieniecki says. Adesso plans further expansion in Poland with the goal of reaching 500 TXM textilmarkets stores. At the same time, it is developing its e-commerce and online shops, to launch in 2013 in Poland.

Over the next few years it will expand its presence into Russia and Eastern Europe. With a brand like TXM textilmarket, you know that the time for great and cheap fashion is now.

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