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Innovation through specialization


“For more than 30 years now, Sebac Diagnostics has been engaged in sourcing medical products and devices from foreign manufacturers and marketing them in France,” says Christian Defly, Managing Director of Adhesia. “Laboratoire Adhesia is another traditional French healthcare provider specialized in medical equipment and products for hospitals. In the course of consolidation Laboratoire Adhesia and SEBAC Diagnostics are merging this march to become Adhesia, a new identity with combined competencies in healthcare.”

The corporation’s new organizational structure includes three specialized divisions: A Diagnostics Division for pulmonology and interventional specialties, a Medical Division focused on primacy care, nursing, and hospital safety procedure, and an Orthopedic Division.

Within this new name Adhesia will pursue its successful niche strategy. “We offer highly specific products for niche demand of hospitals and practitioners in our field of competencies,” explains Mr. Defly. “We have a wealth of experience and excellent contacts with manufacturers on the one hand and our mission is to select products to offer a complete solution for a medical problem on the other hand. We are present in all French hospitals and we regularly train physicians and users. We have specialized teams for field service to consult customers on site and we have a new team for telemarketing.”

The company offers a comprehensive range of specialty products and devices with focus on new and innovative solutions to meet the specific demand. “For example, the digital transformation has changed the market. Today, the devices we sell must be able to communicate with the hospital equipment, M2M, some kind of a revolution in hospitals,” underlines Mr. Defly. “We have an expert team of technicians to make sure that our devices can directly communicate with the data base of the hospital and the data are stored. We source the products from established and upcoming suppliers worldwide and we always are looking for new products and new suppliers, interested contacts are welcome.”

“The strategy of specialization and innovation has paid out well for the Adhesia Divisions,” says Mr. Defly. “Over the past few years we achieved two-digit growth rates from 22 million EUR in 2013 to 24 million EUR in 2014 and we are looking forward to 26 million EUR in 2015. Fully in line with our strategy we will continue to make the best products and services available to healthcare professionals.”

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