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Prostheses 4.0 – made in Italy


“Research and development have always played a major role at Adler Ortho,” says President Davide Cremascoli, who founded the business with his father Patrizio and his brother Edgardo Cremascoli in 2004. “When we established the business, my father had been active in the market for many years and knew about the latest trends and requirements. In fact, the MODULA® system for hip prostheses is based on his development.”

The MODULA® system represented a new approach to the field of hip prostheses. It featured modular necks made from titanium alloy that allowed the femoral anatomy to be reproduced accurately. Today, the range consists of 27 different options that allow surgeons to reconstruct a patient’s hip geometry with accuracy. “This is made possible thanks to an exclusive linear matrix geometry, which permits the independent adjustment of the offset angle of the head and the length of the shaft,” explains Mr. Cremascoli.

These and other protheses are made using state-of-the-art technologies that are able to produce surfaces of unparalleled quality. “This is an important aspect in the production of prostheses as they are connected to human bones,” says the President. In 2007, Adler Ortho launched the first prosthesis based on powder technology and revolutionized the market. The technology is still a major asset of the company, ensuring a competitive advantage.

In 2008, the dynamic business presented its first knee prosthesis. Only one year later, Adler Ortho launched the first hip prosthesis that could be connected to the thigh. In 2011, the company set new standards by bringing out the first uni-compartmental prosthesis made using powder technology. “You have two small structures on the femur side of the knee,” explains Mr. Cremascoli. “If only one of these structures is diseased, it is substituted by a prosthesis. If both are diseased, the only solution is a full knee replacement.” In 2014, Adler Ortho presented a complete knee prosthesis. “The powder technology enables us to remove an ill part, for example, of the pelvis, and reconstruct it exactly,” says Mr. Cremascoli. “This means that you do not need a conventional transplantation anymore.”

Hip prostheses are the mainstay of the business, accounting for almost 65% of the company’s annual turnover. Yet, Adler Ortho is enjoying tremendous growth in the knee prosthesis sector. “Worldwide, the market for knee prostheses is growing at an extremely fast pace,” says the President. “We are investing a lot in this field. Last year, we launched Genus, an innovative system which completes our product portfolio in this field.”

Adler Ortho is acknowledged as a global player and achieves around 38% of its annual turnover through export activities. Currently, France is the most important export market, followed by Japan. Also, the company services clients in Belgium, Germany and Spain as well as Australia and New Zealand. Two years ago, Adler Ortho decided to enhance its overseas activities, especially in Japan, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Currently, the prosthesis specialist is negotiating with potential clients in Iran and Korea.

“We have been enjoying constant growth in Italy in recent years, too,” says the President. “But our export business has been a great success with rocketing figures. We see vast potential for our products in the overseas market.” In addition to its head office in Cormano, Adler Ortho operates branch offices in Verona, Bologna and Rome and sales offices in France, Belgium and the UK. Only recently, the Italian prosthesis specialist opened an office in Germany.

In the coming years, the development of the overseas markets will be a major topic for Adler Ortho. The company will also continue to work on innovations and to enhance the performance of its products. “We will also search for new market niches,” says Mr. Cremascoli. “Currently, we offer knee prostheses. We might also expand our product portfolio into neighbouring fields and add foot or hand prostheses. Experts expect revolutionizing developments in the hand sector soon. At present, we are analyzing our options in the different market sectors.”

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