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A trophy for ten years’ positive thinking


European Business Journal: Please introduce your company and your products and services in brief.

Mr. Coste: ADNEOM is a consultancy company that provides advice and realizes projects for Top Tier One clients. We focus on IT projects mostly for the capital market sector. Our company is based on commitment, transparence, excellence and positive thinking combined with the acquisition of high quality talent.

EBJ: Are there any recent novelties?

Mr. Coste: Recently we were awarded second place out of 350,000 companies for the "Ten Year Trophy" prize awarded to the top three companies founded a decade ago. This trophy was awarded to the companies who fit certain criteria, examples of which are revenue, international expansion, profitability, innovation and many more.

EBJ: What are your USPs? What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Mr. Coste: We are positioned as a company that works with extremely well qualified and competent consultants. Our collaborators come from top schools from all around the world and all have master’s degrees and MBAs. We pride ourselves in being able to seek out top profiles thanks to our reputation, project references, career paths and our highly trained internal HR department and their talent acquisition capabilities.

EBJ: Who and where are your clients? How do you reach them?

Mr. Coste: Our clients are mainly banking, retail insurance, manufacturing and telecommunication companies. Examples are HSBC, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole Corporate Investment Banking, Société Générale Corporate Investment Banking, Orange, etc. In order to partner with these clients, our managers propose advice and offers that respond to our clients’ needs. We are contacted by clients for projects, advice and our general services.

EBJ: The euro debt crisis is omnipresent. Did your company feel the effects?

Mr. Coste: Yes, we did, but it also provided us with positive, new opportunities within new domains. Given the risks of the banking sector we had to improve existing or new applications and IT systems because of the complexity of the financial environment, compliancies and regulations.Yes, we did, but it also provided us with positive, new opportunities within new domains. Given the risks of the banking sector we had to improve existing or new applications and IT systems because of the complexity of the financial environment, compliancies and regulations.

EBJ: Sustainability – only a slogan or reality for you?

Mr. Coste: Our Company follows the CSR policy. We respect our environment and pay due attention to reduce our carbon footprint. Our water systems have been equipped with eco-friendly and water-saving devices, as well as our lighting systems, which stay on only when movement is detected. We encourage our employees to ride their bikes to work and have equipped our office with a gaming and relaxing area as well as an indoor garden for their well-being. Our offices are 100% accessible for wheelchairs and we are an equal opportunities employer. We also believe in a healthy lifestyle and encourage our staff to eat a balanced and organic diet. Our advice and care does not stop when our employees leave the premises, for us at ADNEOM their wellbeing outside of work is also our concern. Our team is free to ask us for any advice at any time, whether at work or not. We organize organic soup and juice lunches twice a month and have fresh fruit delivered to the office on a weekly basis.

EBJ: Where do you see your company in one year? What do you expect? What do you wish for?

Mr. Coste: As a distinguishable new model of consultancy, taking our expertise and innovation to a whole new level. I expect that our company will grow substantially in size internally and externally, as well as providing top talent to an increasing number of business partners. I hope that our positive-thinking company and family will grow and flourish over the coming years.

EBJ: Do you have any words of wisdom out of your experience as an entrepreneur?

Mr. Coste: Keep looking forward and stay positive. Life and the business world will throw obstacles at you, but you must climb over them and keep moving forward, never give up. Believing in yourself, your employees and your idea is essential. If you believe and invest in your team members, then they, too, will invest into the wellbeing of your company. In order to create the most nourishing environment for your company, work hard and play hard.

EBJ: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Mr. Coste: As I have mentioned earlier in the interview, we wish to expand. Today we are active in three countries already, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. With my associates, Jeremy Jacquet and Damien Chasseur, I would like to announce that we have now entered into the fourth European country, the Netherlands. ADNEOM is now active in France and the Benelux countries.

EBJ: Mr. Coste, thank you very much for the information. For the future, we hope you enjoy a positive business development!

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